PowerBuilder Migrations to C#  .NET – Handling Inheritance in C# This article was created to answer a question on a post written about PowerBuilder inheritance, and dynamic function calls in PowerBuilder. The person asking the question, Jose, asked the following question from the PowerBuilder Tip – Dynamic Functions and Events […]

PowerBuilder to C# .NET Migration Tip

How to create a mySQL function to get “N” octets of an IP Address In a recent project, we came across a need to parse out the first two, or first three octets of an IP Address (IPv4) for comparison of records based on a section of the IP. The […]

mySQL Database Function IP Address Octets – Parsing

How to fix “the name ‘InitializeComponent’ does not exist in the current context” in Silverlight or WPF   The error messages: [important]’LinksStackPanel.Children’ does not exist in the current context.[/important] [important]’InitializeComponent’ does not exist in the current context[/important]     You’ve made some changes to your Silverlight application and all of the […]

Silverlight or WPF – InitializeComponent does not exist in the ...

MySQL Connections With PowerBuilder – Common Problems and Solutions Crash in PowerBuilder when selecting data in TEXT columns If you have tried to connect to mySQL using the ODBC connector with database that has long text columns than you have most likely dealt with the mysterious PB crashes that occur. […]

mySQL ODBC Connections & PowerBuilder Crashes & DSN Less

I was amused about my home office setup so took a picture to share with the world and show how much of a geek I am.  Just kidding, I just can’t get enough real-estate and never wanted to pay the big money for a huge monitor so just accumulated lots […]

DisplacedGuys’ Home Office

DisplacedGuy.Com Summary of Analytics Web Traffic This article is a continuation of one that has become relatively popular here, I’m not sure why that particular report is more popular than the dozens of other reports but why question something that works, right? So, this article takes the one named “Google Analytics […]

Adsense Actuals for DisplacedGuy Nov 2010 through Oct 2012 ( ...

I can’t take any credit for this really nice article that gives some real-world uses for gradient usage in our PowerBuilder applications that aren’t too flashy or tacky looking. Gradients, Not Glitz: Methods to Modernize PowerBuilder User Experiences — Surprisingly few applications have used DataWindow gradients since they were introduced […]

PowerBuilder Consultant Rate Survey – 2013 Scroll down below the poll for hourly rate data for PowerBuilder & .NET (by years experience) by payscale.com The PB Rate Survey For 2013 [polldaddy poll=”7411436″] The PB Median Salary by Years Experience   Median Salary by Years Experience – Skill: PowerBuilder (United States) […]

PowerBuilder Contractors Rate Survey for 2013

 Using .NET Assembly Methods in PB.NET and vice-versa I noticed a question on StackOverflow.com that asked how make methods of a .NET assembly visible to PowerBuilder 12 (or PowerBuilder 12.5).  Since putting pictures into an answer is kind of a pain I decided to write a quick article on how […]

Using .NET Assembly Methods in PowerBuilder.NET and vice-versa