PowerBuilder Tips or Tricks

PowerBuilder Debugging – How to View Datawindow Data The PowerBuilder Debugger doesn’t have a mechanism for viewing the underlying data while debugging an application.  This can be annoying at times; so I wrote some simple code that uses the SaveAs function and a Windows ShellExecute function to automatically display the […]

PowerBuilder DataWindow SaveAs Easter Egg – Debugging Aid

DisplacedGuy’s Official PowerBuilder Training Portal   Training Videos How-to Articles Step-by-Step Tutorials Migration Docs Reference Guides Sample Apps PB – .NET Maps PB – Java Maps YouTube Videos Launched in 2010 Emphasis on PB12.5 Using .NET with PB More Training Compensate for the lack of books written for PB version […]

PowerBuilder 12.5 PB.NET Free Training, Tutorials & Videos

Converting PowerBuilder Applications to Java  –  Tip #1 Overview I had to convert a PowerBuilder application to Java for a client recently and documented some information to help out any other PB developers who might need to do the same.  The task is not a fun one but it forced […]

Converting PowerBuilder Applications to Java – Tip #1