Start new Bitcoin / Crypto account easy. Make 50% of the commission for referral!

It’s as fair as they let me make a referral link.

You get 10% Commission, I get 10% Commission so don’t sign up if you don’t have a referral! If you find this misleading leave a comment and I’ll research it.

If you appreciate anything I put on this site; or just want to be a nice person; please sign up under my account and you get 10% commission on your spending (please verify) and so I would get the same. Many referral link take all 20% but I figure fairest way is 50-50 and maybe someone I don’t know will help me and help themselves if they got no referral.

And I’m not rich, we lost our house due to housing market collapse but we are recovering not crying but could use a break so if you’re a whale- and you sign up- I pretty much will love you.

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