This was intended for IT people.

Non-IT people could offer helpful feedback


  • I never thought of this until now which means I’m probably over thinking it.
  • I think it’s find to send mail no matter the time, but becoming more ‘aware’ of surroundings w age.



MY Belief System Today – 3 a.m. Email Sending

Disclaimer: Based on my perceptions- not scientific

Email isnon-intrusive’ 

We can typically ignore it during non-business hours. This is the most important assumption…

Therefore, send emails at any time of the day and don’t think twice.  ( My vote )

Text & Business I.M.’s are intrusive comm’s 

A response is expected soon, therefore it is disruptive.

We shouldn’t be afraid to use it (reminding myself)

We tend to be more empathetic (probably shy) and not as comfortable interrupting, and we revert to mail (the worst at conveying ideas)

Phone Call are destructive comm’s (unplanned kinds)

Calling a developer, unplanned, one of the worst use of developers time. You pay us well- use us wisely.

We will oblige with smile, you are paying the bill

At least we under bill our hours & try making up the lost time b/c we’re good

Engineers juggle things, for complex projects it might take 30 minutes just to re-acclimate to where you were.

Boss asks for TPS reports, you can’t save your code since there’s syntax error you leave it; windows reboots or you forget- start over tomorrow. It happens more than not.

Not a rant- it’s sharing what I think are facts that get ignored.

Wow this turned from a question to rant.

Not going to delete it now- fire away….

Comments? Thoughts?  Is anyone out there (phil collins?)

Rich out.

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