I decided to use this Blog as more of a notebook because who hast time to put together an article, and make it good? 99% of the time it just isn’t going to happen especially when there’s no compensation.

When I need to write/send an important email/letter

Write the letter obviously

The next step depends on how much time you have, can the letter wait a few days? If not this strategy won’t work well, perhaps scale it down. Send the letter to yourself and set the delivery to when you arrive at work. The key is to look at the letter as the unsuspecting reader. The more you can fool yourself into not remembering your letter the better, receive the mail at night when you are tired.

When reading the letter in-the-same-mind as the reader you gain insight on how it might be interpreted, and how clear it really is.

That’s it. Hoping by writing this I’ll remember myself & if anyone gains benefit, cool beans. Rich out.


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