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Rich Bianco (aka DisplacedGuy)

Rich Bianco (aka DisplacedGuy)

This blog was started by the Displaced Guy (a.k.a. Rich Bianco) when he ended an eight year contract with a Fortune 100 client in Orlando in 2010. Rich is an expert level PowerBuilder programmer with experience from version 3 through version 12 between 1993 and 2010. Rich has also worked with every major DBMS including Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase SQL Server, MySQL, Informix, DB2, and many of the minor databases.

Rich worked at the University of Wisconsin while finishing his Computer Science degree, then worked for Fortune 100 giants such as IBM, Walt Disney World, Siemens, Bank of America, AT&T, Time Warner Cable – Full Service Network, Dyncorp, Lockheed Martin, Wisconsin Power & Light and London Bridge.

Rich’s Professional Career

Programming experience started with Cobol, MVS JCL, CICS, System 370 Assembly, DB2, Pro*C and PowerBuilder 3.0.  In the next phase of his career he continued doing mostly PowerBuilder and Oracle development at numerous Fortune 100 companies.  Rich developed software that would run interchangeably on either Oracle or MS SQL Server, and web development using ASP and ASP.NET MVC3.

Some of Rich’s personal accomplishments include dozens of personal websites including this blog, an Orlando Travel, Business and Relocation web directory, and Mafia Manager front end to online RPG which is not being developed anymore.  Rich has done some commercial website development, most recently for lialiacollection http://www.lialiacollection.com

Rich has recently taken a WaveMaker training course and taken an interest in the tool.  Wavemaker is a leading tool for creation of RIA (Rich Internet Applications) or enterprise cloud type applications.  Rich will look for opportunities to convert PowerBuilder applications to Wavemaker.

If you would like to speak to Rich about PowerBuilder, WaveMaker, Java or .Net development please initiate contact with him via email to start.  Please use rich at displacedguy.com. Rich has a family in the Orlando, Florida area and would prefer to stay in Florida for a while but he is open to travel positions and very open to travel/telecommute type positions.  Rich prefers challenge, and enjoys working in both team or single developer environments.  Rich is a true developer at heart and loves to make life easier for customers and lives to learn new things.


Rich (aka DisplacedGuy)

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