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Contact us for any of your PowerBuilder related advertising needs. We can beat the big competitors and offer amazing flexibility.


PowerBuilder Keyword Targeted Advertising

Looking for PowerBuilder related leads? DisplacedGuy.com is an outstanding and established website for reaching difficult to find PowerBuilder developer leads, PowerBuilder tool sales leads, or for filling your PowerBuilder contracts or jobs.

PowerBuilder Keyword Advertising – Developers & Consultants

  • PowerBuilder Jobs
  • PowerBuilder Contracts
  • PowerBuilder Developers
  • PowerBuilder Consultants
  • PowerBuilder Consulting Firms
  • PowerBuilder Websites
  • PowerBuilder Development
  • PowerBuilder Coding Samples
  • PowerBuilder Tips

PowerBuilder Keyword Advertising – Training Firms

  • Learning PowerBuilder
  • PowerBuilder Training
  • PowerBuilder Certification
  • PowerBuilder Courses
  • PowerBuilder Trainers
  • PowerBuilder Books
  • PowerBuilder Tutorials

PowerBuilder Keyword Advertising – Migration Firms

  • Migrating from PowerBuilder
  • PowerBuilder to .NET
  • PowerBuilder to ASP.NET
  • PowerBuilder to Java
  • PowerBuilder Conversions
  • Re-designing PowerBuilder Applications
  • Future Proof PowerBuilder Applications
  • Move PowerBuilder Application to the web


Contact Rich about advertising banners for extremely competitive rates as low as $1 per 1,000 impressions which would cost much more when going through AdWords.

We have dozens of websites in our network, contact us if you need to target different niches or keywords.

Flexible implementations of advertising.


“Large Banner” Above The Fold  (responsive)

Your PowerBuilder banner will be at the very top of the page and set up as responsive so that depending on the screen size the appropriate PowerBuilder advertisement is shown.

Per Ad Impression

$1.50 per 1,000 impressions

$1.25 per 1,000 impressions ( if purchasing at least 20,000 impressions )

$1,00 per 1,000 impressions ( if purchasing at least 50,000 impressions )

Fixed Price – Per Month – Above the fold Banner

$10 per month!

$100 per year! (2 months free!)

“Large” Page Right Column (responsive)

Your PowerBuilder advertisement will be on every page and displayed above the fold. Maximum width is 300px.

Per Ad Impression

$1 per 1,000 impressions

$50 per 30,000 impressions (10% savings)

$100 per 60,000 impressions (25% savings)

Fixed Cost – Per Month – Right Column – All Pages

$5 per month!

$50 per year! (2 months free!)

Guest Blogger Article or Infomercial Type Article

We welcome guest articles, email Rich at this domain with questions.


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