Tough Economic Times  – Use Affiliate Programs for Extra Cash

You don’t need to talk to many Americans to find out that economic times are rough right now, and they don’t seem to be improving.  Equally as troubling is the continually expanding gap between families living in poverty compared to those who are so far out of touch with reality that they don’t realize or care.  I promised myself to try and stay away from politics, but I can’t hold this thought inside mostly because of what we hear from the media is negative and it is so frustrating to not know the truth.  So I’ll throw in this paragraph in hopes that people from outside America get a feeling for how I feel, which to my best knowledge is how the majority of Americans do.

This quote is from me, and only me.  Why I felt compelled to write it in this article– well part of the reason we are suffering financially is the cost of war, but there are many other reasons for the financial disaster going on here that need to change.  So, for the sake of those who lost their life on all sides, I hope the media is wrong when they say the World hates America and that we have made things worse. Because most of us are kind and have always believed in helping where it is needed.

The Web Works 24×7 – Affiliate Programs Can Provide Supplemental Income

There are so many different Affiliate programs available, and if you have any website generating a fair amount of traffic you can surely find the right program to monetize your website and help make a couple bucks to pay for lunch or if you are lucky maybe more.   I do all my UNIX based web hosting with a company called Hostmonster Web Hosting, they have unlimited everything, free domain name, and top notch customer service for only $6.99 a month.  It is an outstanding value.  I run several websites on one hosting account including this website.  I joined their affiliate program so that is my disclaimer, however I stand behind what I said.  If you end up joining and are not satisfied let me know and if I cannot make it right then I will stop promoting them, period. Real Affiliate Programs – Ones that I not only do business with, but highly recommend.  (more coming… please stop back again…)

Web Templates – Unlimited Downloads this is an Outstanding deal

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Stay tuned….   for more


Rich Bianco (a.k.a. DisplacedGuy)

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