The DisplacedGuy.Com Actual Adsense Earnings Update September 2012

For those of you following the Adsense earnings, you recall that I recently made adjustments to the way that I placed ads on the website, in particular used more Link Units and placed them in a more “sleasy” way by making them look difficult to distinguish from the site content and advertisement link.

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I haven’t been updating the content here too much, with the exception of the training links for PowerBuilder so traffic has leveled off the last few months.  I put some extra effort into my other sites, basically the same type updates, using more link units and placing ads so they look more like content.

Just to refresh everyone, RPM is great way to measure the sites ability to make money.  RPM stands for Revenue Per Mile, or more simply Revenue Per 1,000 visitors.   If your site is running at $10 RPM, you are doing very well and should put effort into getting more traffic to that site.  If your site is running at $1 RPM or lower than it is taking 1,000 visitors  to earn less than one dollar.  Sites with low RPM are sites you may consider retiring, selling, or working to improve the RPM.

Adsense Ad Optimization Ideas

Utilize Adsense Link Units for low real-estate bang for the buck

  • Capitalizing on the smaller, less intrusive Link Unit ads will boost revenue without making the site look  too cluttered.
  • Google Adsense allows up to three Link Unit ads in addition to the normal Adsense Ads. Many people are not aware of this and they don’t take advantage of the Link Units leaving money on the table.
  • Link Unit Ads are easy to blend into your existing layout, and can be easily made to look like site content.
  • Each visitor to your site costs money (time, hosting, bandwidth) so it makes sense to squeeze every possible cent per visitor as possible.

Benefits of Optimizing Placement, Colors & Fonts of Adsense Ads

  • Taking the time to place Ads strategically has the potential to improve RPM significantly especially if you are running multiple sites using the same Theme and/or layout.
  • Creative use of  color, shape, and font can make the site looks like it has fewer advertisements because it is harder to distinguish between ad and content.

Is strategic Ad Placement that blends ads with content un-ethical?

In my mind there is a fine line between acceptable Ad placement and misleading the reader.  I see more abuse of the the strategy in Mobile applications where it seems common to place advertisments very close to functions or buttons within an application, to the point where most people will click the ad by mistake.  I don’t believe in this type ad placement strategy and it will probably end up hurting the publisher in the long run after advertisers start realizing they are not getting value for their advertising dollar.

The Value of Finding Success & Repeating It

As difficult as it is to make money online I still believe that it is possible if you are dedicated and patient.  Eventually you will find something that works, then repeat it many times.  I am in the process of doing this, and have passed my $1 per day goal a while ago, the next goal is $10 daily, and in a few more years $100 daily… you get the picture.

Here is the September numbers for DisplacedGuy, pretty un-impressive.  I have started a few more sites modeled after site number one in the list and they are starting to get traction expect the numbers to be up quite a bit in a few months.  Site number one is a niche type site (not technical).


Here is the last 7 Days of September showing the improvement in last part of the month.




If you are looking for other ways to maximize revenue, I recently wrote an article about how visitor browser was an indicator as the which of my sites would be more profitable.   Which visitor browser do you think had the highest correlation between Adsense earnings potential (as measured by RPM)?   Check the article Adsense High Revenue Site vs Low Revenue site by Visitor Browser for the answer…


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