Expanding Partitions on Windows


Use the “extpart” utility to extend a windows disk partition.

  • Useful for enlarging the boot drive on Windows.
  • ExtPart – Utility (c) Dell Computer Corporation
  • Follow steps to avoid error: extpart unable to connect to c: or it does not exist


Download the ExtPart utility program.

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  1. Download extpart utility from Dell
  2. Run the self extracting exe, it will create two files, extpart.exe and extpart.txt.


Detailed steps in finding free space available on a volume.

  1. Right-click My Computer and choose Manage
  2. Highlight Device Manager
  3. Expand the Disk Drives section
  4. Right click the hard disk and choose Properties
  5. Click the Volumes tab
  6. Click Populate
  7. The Unallocated space is the number in MB you can use in the command above.

You can only add space to the partition to the extent that there is free space available on disk directly after the partition you wish to extend.


Using extpart.exe to expand the volume by amount of free space available

Usage:  extpart [ volume . size ]

volume volume to expand (only basic volumes)
size size in megabytes to expand  (minimum 8mb)

For example to make the C: drive 4GB bigger:

extpart c:4096

note: If you get the error Unable to connect to c: or it does not exist then try restarting Windows in safe mode.  If the Disk Management Console is open or VMware tools are running, close them because they are the primary causes of this error.

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  1. Hey thanks a million for this. We were getting the extpart c: connect to c: cannot connect to drive or find it error and it was because we had VMware tools running. Nice blog you have

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