Google Analytics Actuals and Adsense Actuals on DisplacedGuy.Com for March 2011

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Google Analytics Actuals for DisplacedGuy.Com – Web Traffic


Web Traffic is surprisingly strong considering the very poor job I’ve done adding quality content to the site lately.


Google Analytics Actuals – NEW Master Index

It has been a year since we started posting actual Google Analytics and Adsense statistics for DisplacedGuy.Com.  They have become very popular but we’ve been told that it is hard to locate each of the reports especially for new readers who would like to view them from the beginning in order.

So here is the Entire Collection of Google Analytics Actuals & Adsense Actuals for DisplacedGuy.Com


Money Earned through Adsense on DisplacedGuy.Com

March 2011 turned in around $9.11 in Adsense revenue just down from February 2011 at $9.83.   The highest revenue month is still October 2010 at $14.71.   Most of the newer sites, deployed after DisplacedGuy.Com have overtaken it for adsense revenue because they cover niches that are better suited toward monetization with Adsense ads.

I need to learn other ways to monetize websites.  Look for info on this soon.

I need to share techniques learned for using Adsense Channels.

Google Analytics Actuals for DisplacedGuy.Com

Here are some graphics for the month.  If you have any specific graphics you’d like to see please say something in the comment or email me.


Actual Google Analytics Data for March 2011 on DisplacedGuy.Com


March 2011 Pageviews – DisplacedGuy.Com Actuals





















Google Analytics Actuals – Average Pageviews per Visitor for DisplacedGuy.Com

This has improved to over three pages per visitor which is respectable for a site like DisplacedGuy.Com especially considering that the number of articles written per month is down severely in 2011.  I am very open to guest bloggers please don’t be afraid to contact me about a guest article, see my prior article which talks about different ways to generate traffic and steal traffic from your competitors without them even knowing it (ethically and legally of course).

You can find prior reports of our actual Google Analytics on the site, for example last months’ Google Analytics for Feb 2011 specific to DisplacedGuy.Com Or you can go to back to Analytics data for Jan 2011 for DisplacedGuy.Com



Google Analytics Actuals – Avg Pageviews for DisplacedGuy.Com





















Bounce Rate in Google Analytics is looking very  nice for the month.  This means fewer visitors are leaving the site before reading an article.  Bounce Rate is a good measure of quality, the lower the better.

Google Analytics - Bounce Rate for March 2011

March 2011 – Bounce Rate for DisplacedGuy.Com

Adsense Revenue for DisplacedGuy.Com – March 2011

Remember that some data may be reported in multiple channels artificially inflating total earnings numbers.  These are for channels spanning a few of my websites, I greyed out some that were obvious entries for the other sites.  This should illustrate a new strategy I’m using in creation of Adsense Channels.

You are allowed to attach five channels to an Ad, so I created five distinct “groups” as suggested by the help in Google Analytics.  One is for the domain, one for position (e.g. Top, Middle, Bottom),  one for size, one for demographic, and finally one for category.  This gives you a nice view across multiple domains about which things work, notice “Above the Fold” is a top performer.  If you do this and allow advertisers to see your channels they can choose to advertise on your website using your custom and easy to understand channels!

Adsense Revenue - Actuals for DisplacedGuy

Adsense Revenue – Actuals for DisplacedGuy – March 2011



This has been another slow month for article writing.  I encourage anyone to contact me about guest blogging to help promote your website!  See this article for details about how to guest blog and steal your competitors readers.


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