High AdSense RPM – A Statistic of Legendary Publishers

BugattiYou might have heard me talking about how AdSense RPM is the gold-standard for measuring a websites’ money making ability. It is no secret that I love a high-RPM website because it offers the highest amount of revenue for each page viewed.

You like making a lot of money on your web sites, right? Of course you do.

What’s better than making a lot of cash from your web sites?

It is much better when you make a lot of cash from your web sites on days that you did not work. I am a traditionalist and take the weekend off work to relax. Monday morning is pretty rewarding especially if you are making as much as you did at your old day-job on the days when you do not work!

I thought the Bugatti was a good example of how RPM could relate to web site profitability. But all this talk about RPM may be premature. You need to get your first car before you can begin competing for some of that easy money floating around in cyberspace.

The Bugatti has amazing acceleration and top-speed. The “Yugo” had dismal acceleration and it was dangerous to drive at high-speeds. So you want the Bugatti because you can get places faster & in style. The Bugatti is for cars what “High RPM” is to AdSense publisher web sites.


The Starting Line – Deciding to change your future

The Internet is amazingly vast, and there is more than enough money for anyone who wants to work for their share of it. If you would like to take your network marketing business to the next level the first thing you need to do is start, and continue.

It takes two promises to make it in this business.
  • Commit to working your website for at least two years.
  • Strive for continuous improvement.


Turn One – Making mistakes and correcting them

Commit to improving your web sites in every way possible. We all started somewhere and I started way down at the bottom. It took many months before articles started to seed themselves and traffic growth began to accelerate.

In this phase just do it. Start your first site and write as often as you can. If you are lucky you can spin your web site up in a few months and if not then it might take a year. Don’t sweat how long it takes because you will get there.

Turn Two – Accelerate income growth

After you start learning the secrets to making money on-line you are able to leverage your efforts in the best way to maximize profits. By now you know what ad-placements work. By now you have learned some of the basics of copy writing, the value of a strong title, an even stronger first & second sentence.

I remember one of my recent lessons which is a question and answer.

Copy writing Question & Answer


Q. What is the purpose of the article title?
A. To get the first sentence read.
Q. What is the purpose of the first sentence?
A. To get the second sentence read.
Q. What is the purpose of the second sentence?
A. To get the third sentence read.

I’m sure you get the idea. I don’t remember the exact number but if a reader makes it through the third sentence than there is a good chance they will read the entire article. So by focusing on three simple things you can greatly improve your article demand & profit.


Finish Line – Fine tune your business model then duplicate it many times

This is the phase in which you begin to dream about quitting the day-job and focusing on your business full time. You have likely attained a fair level of writing skill, and learned the ins-and-outs of making money on-line. There was one huge mistake that I made for a long time– not becoming an Amazon affiliate.

There should be at least one Amazon advertisement on every single page of your web site. This change alone is worth a lot of money. Remember when someone clicks an Amazon link from your site, you get a commission from anything, and everything they purchased from Amazon within 24 hours.

Amazon affiliate income is gravy money compared to AdSense. I will cover Amazon in more detail in another article.


See you at the winners circle


Making Money Blogging

Make Money Online Blogging

I never thought the day would come where I could say I am self-employed and living a less-stressful and healthier lifestyle. In some ways things are still a lot like they were. I used to work for Fortune 100 companies as a software developer. Now I work for Fortune 10 companies (Google, Amazon, etc.) from the comfort of my home.

Life is pretty good. You are a decision away from changing your future, if you want to. If you are new to blogging and want to introduce yourself please feel free to do it here and mention your website if you want. Building a network of like-minded friends is priceless so don’t be shy.




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