There is a good question and discussion regarding passing complex structures to WCF assemblies created in PB.NET located over on the new SAP Community Network for PowerBuilder.



what can be the easiest way to send a very complex structure to a WCF wrapper?


Backgound: I have a Databaseconnection via PB 12.5 classic and I have to call a webservice via WCF assembly.


A normal call via ole connection works, but the ws-calls are very complex with multirow and choices a.s.o.


What is the easiest way to pass the structure to the assembly.


I was thinking about an xml-string, but it isn’t the way with the lowest cost.

=> create a dw in PB-Classic to create the XML

=> passing the XML to the assembly

=> put the XML into its elements

=> pass every element to the proxyobjects

=> make the functioncall

=> create an XML from the response again

=> return it

=> reanalyse it in PB Classic ….

=> …


Is there an easier way?



On the SAP Community Network for PowerBuilderPaul Horan says:

Yes – there is an easier way.  You don’t need to serialize to XML between the PB Classic and the WCF service.  You can create structure classes that mirror the complex argument that the WCF assembly is expecting in its method call.


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