PowerBuilder 12.5 .NET and .NET 4 Data Type Mappings


PowerBuilder .NET Datatype Mapping

The PowerBuilder to .NET compiler converts PowerBuilder datatypes to .NET datatypes.

PowerBuilder C#
boolean bool
boolean[] bool[]
blob byte[]
blob[] byte[][]
byte byte
byte[] byte[]
int short
int[] short[]
uint ushort
uint[] ushort[]
long int
long[] int[]
ulong uint
ulong[] uint[]
longlong long
longlong[] long[]
decimal decimal
decimal[] decimal[]
real float
real[] float[]
double double
double[] double[]
string string
string[] string[]
User-defined structure class
User-defined structure[] class [] *
User-defined NVO object class
User-defined NVO object[] class [] *
enumerated enum
enumerated[] enum[]
Time DateTime
Time[] DateTime[]
Date DateTime
Date[] DateTime[]
Datetime DateTime
Datetime[] DateTime[]
any Not supported
Multidimension array Not supported
PB system structure Not supported
PB system object type Not supported
PB system nvo type Not supported
User-defined non-NVO object Not supported
ResultSet and its descendants Not supported
Returning any Array type
Dot Net serializable type (with Serializable or DataContract attributes) Dot.Net serializable type
Dot Net primitive type Dot Net primitive type