Helping Other Developers is Fun & Rewarding Too

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PowerBuilder Contributor Award!


Developers are the most generous people I know. Yes I was trying to flatter you, and yes I am asking for help improving the content on this site.

Isn’t it true, that developers are the first to offer help, in fact we thrive on helping others because helping others is what Information Technology is all about.

Would you consider helping out?

What’s In It For You?

Sorry there are no awards but there are some decent perks, like…

  • Showing off your knowledge and resourcefulness
  • Marketing your new blog
  • Publishing your online resume.
  • Building your reputation as a PB expert and team-player.
  • Impressing fellow PB developers by saying that you are a writer on a well known PowerBuilder blog.
  • Seeing your name in print.
  • Linking to your affiliate products, and making money.
  • Feeling good


Want to go a step farther and write an entire guest article… I am excited about the thought and would be honored.


How To Contribute

Go back to the document you would like to contribute to first. Then leave a comment at the bottom of it with your addition. I will update the original document as quickly as possible, it might be an hour and might be a few weeks but I strive for the former.

Don’t forget to let me know if you want any special type of attribution whether it be a short summary about yourself with a link to your personal blog or online resume, or just a text link to your StackOverflow profile. I am happy to help a fellow developer and blogger.

Again, don’t forget to return to the document in which you’d like to contribute before leaving the comment.


Rich Bianco (aka DisplacedGuy)


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