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PowerBuilder Subscription Services – Paid Option

SAP has made it impossible for developers to obtain a copy of PowerBuilder for personal reasons. For this reason we were forced to make our PowerBuilder content subscription based. I hope that you agree that the low cost of $5.00 for life is a pretty small price to pay considering the amount of training and PowerBuilder content on this site. The only method we currently support is PayPal, you can make a payment using rbianco@yahoo.com.

PowerBuilder Subscription Services – Free Option

If you’d rather not pay for the services, we– unlike SAP understand that you aren’t made of money. You can become a lifetime member simply by ordering something from Amazon.com via our Amazon Advertising links on the right side of the home-page. You must visit the links at least 24 hours since you last visited Amazon.com The Amazon cookie lasts 24 hours. As soon as your item ships we can verify the purchase– and will activate your lifetime membership to subscription PowerBuilder services.

If you should happen to use our Amazon link (to purchase anything significant– say Christmas shipping) it doesn’t matter which item you click on from our site just as long as you haven’t been to Amazon within 24 hours. Everything you purchase we will receive a small referral fee– it costs you nothing more. If you make a significant purchase (> $500.00) we will grant you a six memberships that you can offer your friends or co-workers.

Amazon typically pays around 4% commission, so a $500.00 order will net us around $20 bucks. The subscription monies will go towards purchasing a copy of PowerBuilder. Thank you for your support and understanding!

If you are having problems with the payment processor, please let us know and we’ll give you temporary access until the problem is resolved.

We would appreciate if you’d contact SAP and let them know you disagree with their policy that restricts developers that supported the tool from obtaining a copy.

Thank You!


DisplacedGuy PowerBuilder Blog – For Sale

We are accepting offers for this domain and all PowerBuilder related content. You may also purchase the Adsense and Affiliate Marketing content as well. Please contact rich at displacedguy.com for details.