Productivity Tip – A PowerBuilder System Option

There are many tips and tricks that experienced PB developers use to improve productivity, some widely known and used and some not.  This article will be short and sweet, if you haven’t been using the PowerBuilder “Just In Time Compiler” than you should give it a try.

Just In Time Debugging

Installing PowerBuilder or setting up your development environment isn’t something you do very often, well it isn’t something you do on a regular basis anyway.  The just in time debugger option in PowerBuilder is one option that I never forget to turn on when setting up my development environment. It’s that one setting, the one I couldn’t live without.

Here is how you turn it on.

Tools –> System Options…   General Tab… the second check-box option called “Just In Time Debugging”

Just In Time Debugging

System Options – General Tab

Turning on the just in time compiler is a simple check-box option, a one time setting that you’ll set and forget but you’ll never really forget.

What do you gain from using JIT debugging?

The name of the option isn’t overly descriptive but then again I can’t think of a better name for the option, maybe “post-crash code assistant” but marketing probably would think it is too negative sounding.

The next time you get the infamous “invalid row/column specified” error while running a PB application in the development environment you will be taken to the exact location in the code that caused the error.

You will be in “debug” mode upon being taken to the offending code but you can just close out of debug mode and proceed with making the code fix.




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