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A Collection of Robots from around the world.


One of my hobbies is embedded programming with AVR microprocessors, and I’ve always had a fascination with robots and robotics in general.   Here are some of my favorite sites about robotics and having robot images.  I have only posted pictures released on government sites or AP/REUTERS, if one is posted and in violation of copyright please let me know and I will remove immediately.  Enjoy.

Robotics is the engineering science and technology of robots and their design, manufacture, application, and disposition.

NASA Robot Image of Lemur

NASA Robot Lemur

Personal Web Pages or Photo Collections or Robot Images–558.asp

News Sites of Robots and Robot Images

Da Vinci Robot Image

Da Vinci Robot Image

Military Robotics & Robots of War !!  Some Scary Stuff

Robo-Lobster – For finding explosives in the sea.

Sea-Glider rocket based robot.

Predator Drone

Bruno - Robot

German Chancellor Angela Merkel poses with a robot called "Bruno" at the stand of the Darmstadt University of Technology during the third national IT summit in Darmstadt November 20, 2008. (REUTERS/Alex Grimm)

Sites with Pictures of Robots (paid photo stock)

Sites selling various Robotics and Robots

NASA Robots

Mars Pathfinder
Mega links from SpaceLink
The Remote Manipulator System
The Space Shuttle robotic arm
Deep Space 1
The autonomous spacecraft
The mission to Saturn
A journey to Jupiter
Mars Global Surveyor
Mapping the surface of Mars
A mission to collect and return comet dust to Earth
Solar exploration of the Sun’s poles
Voyager Interstellar Mission
It keeps going and going and going…..
Antarctica 2000 Big Signal
The Nomad Rover hunts for meteorites in Antarctica
A humanoid robot for on-orbit servicing
The FIDO Rover
A Mars rover for planetary sample returns
Inflatable Rovers
A rover that climbs over rocks with big inflatable wheels
Light, bouyant rovers that float through the atmosphere
Very small (10-100s of grams) planetary explorers
Serpentine Visual Inspection Robot
A small, light weight visual inspector
Underwater Explorer
Explore a sunken fishing fleet
The Urban Robot
Dante: The Volcano Explorer
Mucho many links at SpaceLink
A mobile robot for hazardous materials
The “Brain Surgeon”
A robot to help in surgery
An assistant for the elderly and infirm
Robot Tools
Info about end effectors
The Chornobyl reconnaissance robot
Completed Robot Research at JPL
Tried and tested technologies
EVA Robotic Assistant
A robot helper for astronauts

Robot Image of Twendy-One

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