This article will show you how to configure your laptop computer to use your BlackBerry as a cellular modem.

You can use your phone as a cellular modem for your laptop or home computer.  Make sure that your carrier allows this, we cannot be held responsible for connection charges if your carrier restricts tethering. Thank you and enjoy.


* 1 Install & Configure Drivers

* 2 Configure Dialing Settings

o 2.1 Alltel

o 2.2 US Cellular

Install & Configure Drivers

1. Download the latest Blackberry Desktop software from

Windows 7 requires BlackBerry Device Manager ENG (DM5.0.1 B49) or higher.

You can just use the BlackBerry Device Manager to tether.  If the Desktop software is not desired, then skip # 2.

2. Install the Blackberry Desktop Manager software When going through the install, it will ask questions about server or desktop redirection and email server.

Use server redirection

Use Exchange server

3. After the install of the software, plug your blackberry in via USB cable to your laptop (it will detect and install drivers for it) After its done detecting and installing, it should have created a modem call “Standard Modem”

Configure Dialing Settings

Go to your network connections area and set up a new dial up network connection.

Windows 7 install: Go Control Panel, then Network and Sharing Center.

Under ‘change your networking settings’, click ‘Set up a new connection or network’.

Select the Standard Modem.


Use the following if Alltel is your provider:

The number to dial is #777

Username – leave blank

Password – leave blank

Make sure it’s using the modem connection created by the blackberry.

Tell it to connect.

US Cellular

Use the following if US Cellular is your provider:

The number to dial is #777

Username –

Password – xxx-xxx-xxxx

xxx-xxx-xxx is your phone number with area code.

Make sure it’s using the modem connection created by the blackberry.

Tell it to connect.

Thats all! Hope you enjoyed this technical tip.  Please leave comments.



(aka DisplacedGuy)


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