Yet another make money online blog (yammo! blog)

Does the acronym exist? Is there an acronym for another make money online blog?

The funny sounding acronym might not be legitimate, for all I know it is a stupid

MMO Blog Keyword Statistics

MMO Blogging - Keyword Stats

extension of the well known MMO acronym.  Ah, the beauty of making money online, it is so great to log into Google and see that some nice person followed an advertisement on your site for a good MMO keyword.  Making $3 or $4 for one click is the American dream right, or anyone’s dream for that matter. Easy money. Ha.

If you sense a mood change since the beginning of this blog until now then you are right on. I can’t say I gave 100% effort but I put in hundreds of hours worth of effort and investment,  I’d like to think, well I thought I was somewhat intelligent several months ago but now as time goes by things seem less clear.

I was dealt lemons, and I made lemon-aid… but it took too long and tasted like crap. lol

Orlando Suburbs by County

Orlando, Florida Suburbs by County

Well a few of you liked it, thank you all of you that did and nice friends I’ve met. I promised a follow up on how great it is to make MMO blogs and well haven’t had much time to do it and I have learned some new lessons, very important lessons of the blogging world.  A blog is like a living organism, or a plant that needs continuous nurturing and attention.  If you get lazy and forget to water it every day, or start cutting corners, then you may notice some big changes.

For example, when I was contributing on a more regular basis to this blog, the advertisements would generate some revenue, enough to make you believe you are on the right track.

I have a LOT to learn about making money online. I have learned this is one of the hardest niche areas to make a living because persons interested in it are generally well educated and informed.  I’d like to think that I am reasonably well educated and smart and I do sometimes visit advertisements, but for the most part I avoid them and so do most other people who fit the MMO Blogger stereotype.

So if you really want to make money, blog about kittens, crafts, or some rare disorder. So I hope nobody is offended because I just picked kittens, and crafts out of thin air, but my point is that any non-technical niche is going to be closer to the target demographic that pays in the web advertising business.

If anyone has comments, or better yet suggestions about your experiences please leave a comment.



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