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OK, 1,000 backlinks in a day is a bit optimistic but it is very possible with effort and some luck.  The method I’ve just learned makes it possible.  Most people are aware that website ranking and traffic are extremely important when it comes to maximizing income generated from your website or blog.  Backlinks are probably one of the easiest and most powerful methods of increasing your site ranking and moving it up the list.  I’ve found a way to add backlinks fast and the results are amazing.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

I hate spam as much or more than anyone.  I am also not a good salesperson and lack self confidence to do things that would definitely improve my financial success.  For example, I used to feel guilty posting my website in a comment even if my comment was genuine and my website was on topic.  But as people left comments on my site I noticed that many are not shy about putting a link, and it never bothered me as long as they were not blatantly spamming.  So try expanding your comfort zone a little bit each day and before long you will be more confident and successful than ever.  Most bloggers are reasonable and kind people and they enjoy seeing comments on their site, I love to see comments on my site and don’t mind if someone wants to post a link if done eloquently.

Blog Commentting WILL get you backlinks

Blog commenting will get you backlinks and ulitmately launch your websites’ visibility in the blogging community.  It will also increase your ranking and if lucky net you the coveted number one SERP Ranking.   I never realized how many backlinks you can get from blog commenting.  The results I’ve seen were amazing.

The Power of Exponential Growth

One example is to achieve the ‘Top Commentator’s List for a popular blog or website. The Top Commentator links are posted across the entire site in many cases as it is in the sidebar.  So that one entry can count every single page of the site as a backlink.   A little bit of effort and luck and you could gain hundreds or thousands of backlinks in a single day.

Focus on Areas That Offer Leverage

  • Comment on blogs which have do-follow and Top Commentator lists. The easiest way to find the do-follow blogs is through the use of a search engine called  It will let you search for blogs with do-follow along with other criteria such as being like your site as far as content type. 
  • Focus on PR3 blogs.  I have read that it is easier to get more backlinks from PR3 blogs than say PR4-PR6.  I do not have any proof but will experiment and post results.
  • Contribute only quality comments. If you think you don’t have anything good to add to the conversation then do not post the comment.  Treat the website or blog as if it was your own, with respect!
Always Be Courtious And Polite
  • When you receive a comment give a comment back, it is a kind gesture, but don’t just leave a comment make a contribution and you might learn something or make a new friend in the process.  Some people post messages to the effect of “You comment & I comment back”.  I don’t prefer to do this myself, it is a bit forward for me.
  • Reward your Top Commentators each month by giving them some recognition and that will attract more persons to take the time to leave useful comments.  
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If yes please let me know by leaving a comment.  I love comments and well I won’t post a sign saying that I’ll return one– you can pretty much be sure that I’ll be visiting your site and contributing in some way.   Same goes for when I see referrals from your site.  I always visit referring sites to learn who is referring and to return the favor.


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