How to eliminate spam comments in a WordPress blog

I’ve been using the Askimet plugin to eliminate spam-comments for almost four years on several blogs. It works great and is free for personal use. I am feeling guilty about not paying to use Askimet and figured that promoting the tool was the least that I can do.

According to their website, the tool has zapped 145 billion spam comments.

Askimet Site

Askimet Site

Are you tired of deleting spam-comments from your blog?

I am not associated with Askimet in any way other than being a user of the plugin. I highly recommend using it on all of your WordPress blogs because it works well, is free, and will save you a lot of time.

In the four years that I’ve used the WorePress plug-in there hasn’t been a single problem. You’d think that spam comments wouldn’t be a problem if you use spam prevention tools like CAPTHA forms, but somehow spammers are able to defeat these.


Askimet Stats Screen – Shown in the WordPress Dashboard

As of June 11, 2014, Askimet removed roughly 125,000 spam comments which equates to around 21,000 per-month and 700 per-day. Assuming you work a ten hour day, you’d need to review and delete around 70 per hour without deleting legitimate comments by mistake! Even with the tool, a handful of bad comments will slide through every day but it is manageable.


Askimet Blog Comment De-Spammer Promotion

Askimet Blog Comment De-Spammer Promotion

How do you use the Askimet WordPress plugin?

Using the plugin is very simple, though it does require that you create an account. Considering the tool is free this is an acceptable request.

  • Install & Activate the Asimet plugin
  • Get your free Askimet account, and application key
  • Go to Settings –> Askimet and enter your key (see screen print below)

That’s all you need to do!



Assigning the Askimet API Key

Askimet Settings

Askimet Settings


This is where you enter the API key that you received when signing up for a free account. Once you enter the key, everything works like magic.

Viewing your Askimet statistics

You can view the stats screen by going to the Askimet settings screen via Settings –> Askimet.






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