The DisplacedGuy.Com Actual Adsense Earnings Update Mid-July 2012

I posted an Adsense update not too long ago, and the summary was that this site performed very poorly as it always has compared to non-technical sites.  The reason for this mid-month update is to pass on some very useful information regarding Adsense earnings.  I have been experimenting with Ad placement strategies and learned that ad placement can have a huge impact on Adsense Revenue Per Thousand Impressions RPM, (a.k.a. revenue per mile) and ultimately the amount of money made.

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RPM – The Gold Standard For Determining Site Value

If you were to divide RPM by 1,000 it would equate to the amount of money you will make for every page viewed.   The higher the RPM, the more money you are being paid for your efforts in attaining traffic.

* Substitute page-views with hours-worked to appreciate high RPM

  • $30 RPM –  33 hours-worked page views to earn $1
  • $10 RPM – 100 hours-worked page views to earn $1
  • $1 RPM – 1,000 hours-worked page views to earn $1

I believe RPM is the gold-standard in ranking the money-making ability, or value of an Adsense site.  When I say that RPM can be used to determine value I am talking in terms of income generated by Adsense only.  RPM would be useless for determining the intrisic value of a website like Wikipedia that offers a valuable or well-known service.

Sites with low RPM are sites you may not want to waste too much time on because it takes so many visitors to earn money.

Adsense Ad Optimization Ideas

Utilize Adsense Link Units for low real-estate bang for the buck

  • Capitalizing on the smaller, less intrusive Link Unit ads will boost revenue without making the site look  too cluttered.
  • Google Adsense allows up to three Link Unit ads in addition to the normal Adsense Ads. Many people are not aware of this and they don’t take advantage of the Link Units leaving money on the table.
  • Link Unit Ads are easy to blend into your existing layout, and can be easily made to look like site content.
  • Each visitor to your site costs money (time, hosting, bandwidth) so it makes sense to squeeze every possible cent per visitor as possible.

Benefits of Optimizing Placement, Colors & Fonts of Adsense Ads

  • Taking the time to place Ads strategically has the potential to improve RPM significantly especially if you are running multiple sites using the same Theme and/or layout.
  • Creative use of  color, shape, and font can make the site looks like it has fewer advertisements because it is harder to distinguish between ad and content.

Is strategic Ad Placement that blends ads with content un-ethical?

In my mind there is a fine line between acceptable Ad placement and misleading the reader.  I see more abuse of the the strategy in Mobile applications where it seems common to place advertisments very close to functions or buttons within an application, to the point where most people will click the ad by mistake.  I don’t believe in this type ad placement strategy and it will probably end up hurting the publisher in the long run after advertisers start realizing they are not getting value for their advertising dollar.

DisplacedGuy.Com RPM Improvement from Ad Optimization

Prior to this update, the site averaged about one advertisement click per 1,500 visitors which is an embarrassment to anyone who knows anything about Adsense.  My last article focused on how effort correlated to visitors, basically if you work on your site you will probably see an increase in traffic. Now I am here to tell you the same thing as before except qualifying the statement with;  the amount of effort and quality is usually directly related to your websites’ traffic and Adsense earnings. This sites’ improved RPM numbers, at $1.15 from $0.73 are still less than stellar- but they are well worth the amount of effort taken.  Assuming zero traffic growth, the optimization and increase in RPM of $0.37 equates to about $2.63 per month using the same number of visitors from June (7,116) (7.116 thousand visitors * $0.37 rpm = $2.63)

The Value of Finding Success & Repeating It

If you run 100 sites using the same theme than you should be able to improve all of them in a few days and increase your Adsense income by $263.00 per month. When running multiple sites it doesn’t take much of an improvement in RPM to pad your bottom line!

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