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DisplacedGuy Poll – What information would you like to see for 2013? Would you please take a moment to let me know what information you’d like to see for 2013?  I created a new poll, and you can choose as many items as you’d like.  This information will be extremely […]

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The DisplacedGuy.Com Actual Adsense Earnings Update October 2012 October 2012 was a record setting month for many Adsense categories including: RPM, CTR, Clicks, Pageviews, & Earnings [adrotate banner=”28″] Before I get into how great the increases were, let me say thank you to all of the readers.  Without the persons who read […]

DisplacedGuy & Other Sites Oct 2012 Adsense Actuals

The DisplacedGuy.Com Actual Adsense Earnings Update Mid-July 2012 I posted an Adsense update not too long ago, and the summary was that this site performed very poorly as it always has compared to non-technical sites.  The reason for this mid-month update is to pass on some very useful information regarding […]

DisplacedGuy.Com Actual Adsense Earnings Update Mid-July 2012

  The DisplacedGuy.Com Actual Adsense Earnings Update 2012 Its been a while since I posted some actuals from  Adsense so I saved off an image of my Google Analytics to post. I won’t put much commentary as this site is a loser for making money via Adsense and it’s not […]

DisplacedGuy.Com – Adsense Actual Earnings Update 2012

Summary of Actual Google Analytics for Feb 2011 [adrotate banner=”28″] Google Analytics Actuals for DisplacedGuy.Com – Web Traffic   After a lull in traffic around the holidays and then after website redesign, the traffic growth and other statistics are starting to move in a positive direction. I have started experimenting […]

Google Analytics for DisplacedGuy.Com Feb 2011

Summary of Actual Google Analytics for Nov 2010, Dec 2010, & Jan 2010 [adrotate banner=”28″] DisplacedGuy.Com Summary of Analytics Web Traffic The last quarter showed an increase, however at a much more lower, and sustainable value. The holidays and website redesign probably contributed to the pullback in Nov & Dec of […]

Google Analytics Actuals for Nov, Dec & Jan 2010

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Link Love & Creative Make Money Online Methods

DisplacedGuy – Major Improvement in Adsense Quality Statistics This month’s statistics are the reward for all the hard work in improving the quality if articles, and revamping the site to make it less cluttered and in a two column format instead of three so that it is easier to read […]

DisplacedGuy Google Analytics Stats for Nov, 2010

Highlights of DisplacedGuy.Com Google Analytics Web Stats for Oct, 2010 Another Impressive Monthly Traffic Increase in Absolute Unique Visitors and PageViews ! Very exciting, I would have never guessed this was possible. Thank you very much to everyone. Virtually unchanged bounce rate. At least it has dropped and stabilized around […]

DisplacedGuy.Com – Google Analytics Actuals – Update #5 ( Oct ...

DisplacedGuy.Com – Actual Google Adsense website statistics and ugly secrets of making money online series – Part 3. Google Adsense – Actual Blogging Statistics April, 2010 v.s. July, 2010 –  Stats –  What do they tell us? First of all, why am I sharing these? I started this website back […]

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