Link Love is a real blogging strategy that can propel your Make Money Online blog to profitability in very short order.

Do you blog for cash, or blog about Internet Marketing?

If so then you really need to understand Link Love, and the many ways to leverage the strategy and maximize the amount of money made online while minimizing the effort and time spent doing it.

What is Link Love?

Link love is a fairly general concept that has been around for a log time. Here is the definition of Link love on the from Google Web defintions:

  • Link love is a term used in the fields of search engine optimization and blogging to describe the effect that web pages rank better when they have more and higher quality links pointing at them.

The definition links to a more detailed definition of Link Love on Wikipedia

Link Love Examples

  • Read other blogger sites about making money online and leave meaningful comments and/or suggestions.  Many bloggers will return the favor of “Link Love” by returning to your blog and doing the same.  The network of successful internet marketers is smaller than you think, it is the little things that make a big difference.
  • Reciprocal Linking is another technique considered by many to be “Link Love”, however, it is not generally recommend unless appropriate and can be frowned upon by Google if the linking is not appropriate or done for the sole purpose of manipulating the system.
  • Signature Linking in forums is another great way of generating valuable back-links.  This is simply the technique of writing a short signature, with link that shows at the bottom of each of your forum posts.  Be careful not to abuse this, and the forum owner just might return the favor and visit your blog.

The Novel Link Love Approach suggested by DinoVedo

Successful blogger and Young Millionaire, Dino Vedo came up with a novel variation of Link Love, which is posted on his make money online blog.   Vedo suggests leaving a comment to an article on his blog which offers a chance at exposing your blog to more than 1,250 of his blog readers, plus his Facebook followers and over 30,000 Twitter followers.  It is creative approaches like these that differentiate the successful internet marketer from the average one.  Vedo’s article can be found here.  I have been a reader of DinoVedo for several months and the information I find never ceases to amaze me.

Methods of participation in DinoVedo’s Link Love project

There are two ways you can participate.

  1. Creating a blog post on your blog and write a short review about Vedo’s blog with special anchor text link of “Make Money Online” that links to the young millionaire’s blog at
  2. Add a link in your blog’s sidebar that links back to DinoVedo’s blog using the same anchor text as above, or by using anchor text of “Young Millionaire”.

There are some bonus situations that Vedo offers depending on the situation and your level of participation. I recommend visiting DinoVedo’s site and the article for more details.

What do you think of DinoVedo’s novel approach to Link Love?  Please let me know your thoughts and especially if you participated.


Rich Bianco

(aka DisplacedGuy)

10 Responses

  1. Hey, thanks so much for the review and link back! I’ve added you to my upcoming post so no worries there.

    PS: Did you know someone has to sign up and register on your site just to leave a comment? You might want to change that so you can get more comments from people as not all are willing to go through the extra steps!

    – Thanks again


    • Not anymore! I unlocked it, for some reason I was worried about all the spam, but that’s what I’ve got Askimet for. Thanks a million for the comment and suggestion. I appreciate the link back very much, honored to have one from the young millionaire

      ** Updated this comment Jan 25, 2011
      DinoVedo suggested I unlock comments, within days traffic started to increase exponentially and within weeks traffic to this site has quadrupled. Sadly much of the traffic is of poor quality but Vedo’s suggestion was worth a lot. He is really a great guy. Thanks Dino!


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