I was amused about my home office setup so took a picture to share with the world and show how much of a geek I am. ¬†Just kidding, I just can’t get enough real-estate and never wanted to pay the big money for a huge monitor so just accumulated lots of small ones and extra video cards.

DisplacedGuys’ Home Office – What a Geek!

















Overclocked PC – The Reason I had the camera out…

I just overclocked my server machine and took a picture of the cooling unit inside and created a document with the machine specs. It isn’t anything too major, a slightly outdated AMD Phenom 9650 Quad that is nicely equipped with 8 gigs of fast memory and slightly souped up with aftermarket cooling system.




My Overclocking Before And After Results

By bumping the “Reference Clock” I effectively increased the speed of everything and was able to do it safely because of the aftermarket CPU and system cooling. This was an economical way of squeezing more performance out of an old machine.

OverClock AMD Phenom 9650 Quad

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