Step 2: Detailed steps in finding free space available on a volume prior to using the Extpart utility

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BACK: If you already know how much space is available for expanding your boot volume then you can skip back to, using extpart to expand Windows Boot Volume.

These are the steps for finding free space available on a volume, if you are looking for details on how to expand your partition using extpart, then go to the main article HERE.

  1. Right-click My Computer and choose Manage
  2. Highlight Device Manager
  3. Expand the Disk Drives section
  4. Right click the hard disk and choose Properties
  5. Click the Volumes tab
  6. Click Populate
  7. The Unallocated space is the number in MB you can use when using the extpart utility to expand the boot volume.

You may now expand your partition using extpart.

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