Slimstat is a cool program for viewing site statistics


Slimstat gives you a lot of the same things you get in Google Analytics but you get them right at the dashboard for your WordPress blog.  I’m not going to write much about it because pictures pretty much get the job done by themselves. I’ve been using Slimstat for several months on two of my blogs and I’m really happy with it.

Shows Silverlight Enabled–  This is one feature that I couldn’t find on Google Analytics.  I was thinking of doing some Silverlight coding for a public site and I wanted to know the percentage of browsers with Silverlight support.

Custom Reporting Feature – I haven’t used this much other than the custom filtering feature that you can see at the top section of the graph. I use it for filtering out my own IP address or filtering out bots.

Slimstat WordPress Plugin for Web Stats

Slimstat WordPress Plugin for Web Stats

Slimstat - Plugins ModuleSlimstat - Search EnginesSlimstat - Browser & OS

Slimstat - Traffic Source

Countries for SlimstatSlimstat Languages

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