Summary of Actual Google Analytics for Feb 2011

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Google Analytics Actuals for DisplacedGuy.Com – Web Traffic


After a lull in traffic around the holidays and then after website redesign, the traffic growth and other statistics are starting to move in a positive direction. I have started experimenting with Google Analytics and the Webmaster Tools in really tweaking ads, and using certain strategies learned to maximize revenue and it is working. The amount it is working is small, I’ve raised the Click Through Rate a tenth of a percent or something, but when your traffic is over 1,000 pages a week those small changes make measureable differences. These are the things I need to learn to take it to the “next level”. If traffic ever gets to 10,000 page views per week than time spent maximizing revenue is well worth it… economies of scale. But I plan to share everything learned to help others get there faster and easier.

Actual Pageviews per quarter for


Page views for February, the shortest month of the year topped the highest month record for our site by a lot. We peaked at 4,226 pages in October of 2010 and crushed that record with 5,715 pages viewed in February of 2011 an increase of over +30%

Analytics Quality Measurements

Record Average Page Views per Visitor +25%

Another record month for quality numbers. February averaged 3.12 pages per visit compared to 2.48 in Jan 2011 and 1.64 in Dec 2010. This excludes an invalid spike in Mar 2010 which was when the site was started and most the page views were my own falsely inflating the number.

Record Bounce Rate – +60%

The lowest we’ve seen by far, and frankly I don’t see how we could do better. The February bounce rate came in at an amazing 11.86% compared to 29.61% for Analytics Data for January of 2011. This means that almost 90% of the visitors are staying on the website for more than one page. Bounce rates under 50% are completely acceptable so we are thankful with what we’ve got here.

Money Earned through Adsense on DisplacedGuy.Com

This is the first time I’ve created a separate section to discuss revenue. It’s been so low that I didn’t think it warranted discussion. It still is very low but I’m getting the knack of ad tuning so will start reporting more about this and the concept of Making Money Online or Blogging for Cash. February turned in about $9.83 in ad revenue which is the second highest with October 2010 being the highest with $14.71. I have other websites that I run and granted $10 bucks isn’t much money when you start multiplying things it does add up. Running ten websites for someone who is experienced wouldn’t take that much time so put in some effort and get them up around $100 monthly and those ten sites are grossing you an extra $1,000 monthly for a few hours of effort per week. I’m convinced this is the way to do it; pick subjects that you are interested in, start new sites, write enough fresh articles to get the site growing and if you can show a profit (isn’t hard) then duplicate it many times. I’ve got enough revenue coming in from all my sites that I could pay someone to write articles. If I can become profitable in less than a year than you can do it to just keep your expectations low — slow and steady wins the race. Dump your poorly performing sites, keep the good ones and learn from mistakes, before you know it you’ll get a knack for knowing how a site will do before you even start it. I’m tempted to report about my other sites but I’d rather not do that. If you stick around and I get to know you on a personal basis then we can help each other.

So I’m going go out on a limb here and say that with what I’m learning and the web site traffic growth that my next arbitrary goal of averaging $30 per month will come by the end of this year, it will be tough to do, this website is my worst performing, sites about technology or programming and making money online are some of the toughest to make money with using Adsense. There are other better ways to capitalize on these type sites but my goal with this site isn’t purely money, it is keeping it personal, sincere and good place to teach people without selling them an e-book or slamming a bunch of marketing stuff down their throat.

Summary of Analytics Actuals for DisplacedGuy January 2011


February has been a month of records as far as statistics go, and that has been pretty exciting. There are other things going on in my life that I have to be thankful for so all I can say is thank you for everything. I appreciate the positive feedback and comments a lot. Thank God for all the things I have to be thankful for. We think about, or pray if that is your thing the people who are less fortunate especially those in Japan dealing with tragedy.

I have been busy this month and have been lagging on articles, so I would expect the numbers to become weaker in the future, my old content attracts visitors but I need to retain readers too. Gets tiring if anyone wants to write articles as a guest on my site, make a comment, or email me I am totally for the idea. I wrote an article about the subject and it is a great way to help build up traffic to your site, it’s called Ethically Hijacking Traffic by Guest Blogging, I thought the title was pretty cool and interesting enough to get people to “click on it” and it does do very well.

So I’ll post the graphics to support what I wrote for now. Apologize for the brevity of this post very pressed for time this month.

DisplacedGuy Actual Google Analytics Data for January 2011


Some Daily Statistics for DisplacedGuy.Com – For January 2011 and February 2011


And some Weekly Stats (cut off partial weeks)


This is from a brand new website of mine, not to be named, but I started it beginning in March 2011 with only one article and incorporated everything I’ve learned to date. I’ve put no more than two hours effort into this site so far and it’s got more unique visitors than I had in months on the other sites. I had a feeling this site would do good because of the subject and so far so good.


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  1. Any other Adsense users out there that would share comments about your own experiences. I get the impression that my progress is moving much slower than normal, which is entirely possible as I had zero writing or publishing skills, didn’t really know what Adsense was.

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