Increase AdSense RPM & Double Your Income Every 6 Months


Yes, you really can double a blogs’ income in six to twelve months by improving three basic areas. I will cover each of the three areas in this article. I nearly doubled my blog income over the last six months and I’m going to show you how.

Would you be happy if your blog income doubled every six-months?


High AdSense RPM With Rapid Revenue Growth – Like Baking a Cake

What does this have to do with baking a cake? Good question– the point I was trying to make is that these things do not come without time & effort. When baking a cake you can’t just throw the ingredients together and have a nice cake. So you need the right ingredients & the right amount of time to transform the ingredients into an amazing cake.

Ingredients – High AdSense RPM, Quality Content & Effort

The best cake starts out with the best ingredients. AdSense RPM is a statistic composed from many other AdSense statistics. It is one of the best ingredients of a profitable blog. Another equally important ingredient is high-quality content that other people will find value in using.


Time РTransforms Ingredients Into A Profitable Business

No matter how awesome your blog is, you will not have a profitable business without investing some time. Like a cake needs time to bake, a successful blog needs time to plant its’ tentacles throughout the web. Over time this foundation will allow for rapid traffic growth without the need to pay for traffic.

If there are problems with the ingredients, for example quality, then the finished product will suffer along with traffic. In this case you may have a high RPM but it has been wasted.

AdSense RPM & Income Doubling Key Factors


Quit Your Job & Be Your Own Boss

OK, I realize you can’t do this right away but keep this in the back of your mind when you are tired and talk yourself out of finishing that awesome article you’ve been working on for the last few months.

Thankfully I have achieved this goal, and it was a key factor in the doubling of my AdSense RPM & Income over the last six months. Before I left my six-figure programming job, it took me about a year to double my AdSense Income which is still not too bad. This was during my third year of blogging for cash.

I’ll remind you of a few benefits to motivate you into finishing that article you’ve been working on for the last few weeks. The harder you drive yourself the quicker you’ll be self-sufficient and in control of your much simpler and more rewarding life.

Who is John Gault?

This pretty much describes how I feel about the corporate world right now. I am tired of working sixty hours per week, and commuting 2,600 miles a week to cold-climates for a large paycheck. Life is too short– and I have learned that someone brainwashed me into thinking I needed their products.

The truth is that I needed more time, not more of their time wasting, propaganda laced products.

What do I do with my life now? The things I enjoy like trading stocks, golf, travel, camping, and building my blog sites. I have begun to share my skills with family members who have taken notice of my new lifestyle and would like the same for themselves.

Continuously Increase AdSense RPM

This is an extremely important area to invest time because it defines how much you will make for each thousand page views. If you can make twenty dollars for every thousand page views instead of ten dollars, then you are making money faster, and easier. A high AdSense RPM equates to high income producing capability. This assumes you can generate some traffic.

What is AdSense RPM?

RPM stands for “Revenue Per Mile”. This came from the airline industry. The airlines use RPM to measure the amount of revenue earned for each air mile traveled. A higher RPM means the airline is making more money for each mile flown (per traveler).

In publishing RPM is commonly referred to as “Revenue per 1000 Page Views”. AdSense RPM is a product of numerous other AdSense statistics. Each of the components of RPM are important. But RPM is the “ultimate” tool for separating the best and worst sites based on pure AdSense earning potential.

If you have read any of my other articles, you know that RPM is my favorite AdSense statistic. I’d buy an existing website based on RPM and traffic potential alone. If you have a blog that averages higher than $20 RPM that does only 1,000 page views a day, you can conclude that the site generates $20 in revenue per day, or roughly $7,000 per year.

Some people pay ten or more times earnings for publicly traded companies. The site example given would equate to a value of $70,000 at ten times earnings. I was going to offer you $2,000 for it because I don’t pay ten times earnings.

Why is AdSense RPM So Important?

If you improve any meaningful AdSense statistic it will likely have an effect on AdSense RPM. A higher RPM will always equate to more income assuming the same levels of traffic.

So if you focus on the key components of RPM you will be on the way to doubling your blogs’ income this year.

Another way to ask the question would be as follows. Would you rather make $10 for every 1,000 page views or $50? Fifty of course, which is $50 RPM.

Continually Increasing Quality of Content

This goes without saying. In the four years I’ve been learning to be a writer, I’ve learned some important lessons. The single most important lesson is related to quality. Internet readers have a magic ability, like a “spider-sense” that can detect above average content.

We have all written pieces we are proud of, and written some that weren’t worth the twenty minutes it took to throw the junk together.

I like to use a fishing analogy.

If you write a worthless article, it will not attract much traffic. A junk article is like catching a little pan-fish on your miniature fishing pole.

If you write an article that is well structured, well written and stands out among the crowd then you can attract exponentially more traffic. Publishing a really good article is like catching a sailfish on a deep sea charter, and listening to the sound of the fish take the line out to sea. You know that sound when the rod can no longer hold the line reel and it screeches loudly as the fish takes your line hundreds of feet away from the boat.

Spend the time on articles so that you hear a screeching sound on nearly all articles the moment you click publish!

Increase Traffic & Maximize Income on Your High RPM Sites

The last component in doubling your blog income is traffic. Each of the three components are inter-related. Good content will facilitate high traffic counts. Good articles are like magic. Good articles almost always lead to social media shares. Social media shares contribute to rapid traffic growth. So quality is necessary to facilitate rapid traffic growth.

You may choose to buy traffic in some circumstances, particularly for high RPM sites in which you can justify spending $.10 per visitor when you are earning $.13 per visitor.

You know the blogs that brag about earning tens of thousands of dollars in their first month or two of operation? Most of them are either a lie or they are showing you $10,000 worth of revenue that they spent $12,000 to acquire using AdWords or other method.

I do not use paid traffic for any of my sites. Organic & Social media traffic is the only way to go if you want long, steady income generating sites.

Recap of How I Doubled My AdSense Income in Six Months


In all fairness I must admit that it took me three years to achieve respectable AdSense earnings. The first three years were a roller-coaster ride. One month I’d set a record for income and the next I’d have a really disappointing month. I learned most of what I know by trial-and-error. I did not join a blogging club, or buy a magic e-book that gave me all the secrets.

I did finally break down and join one blogging club for one month. It was probably the best decision I have made in a while. I probably wouldn’t recommend it if you are brand new, but if you have some experience then expert advice will make more sense and you’ll remember it.

I simply forced myself to be consistent in my creation of the best content possible. I worked to continually increase my AdSense RPM so that I am earning more money for each page viewed. I also made sure that my blog had a good foundation with abundant key words in the search engine results pages. This is the perfect combination for amazing success with your AdSense blogging business.

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