Hello Everyone!

My name is Rich and I’m really glad that you are here reading this.  I am an average joe who lost his job.  I was at my job eight years and was the last of ten people in the department.  I just applied for unemployment last week.

It is extremely stressful, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Anyway, I’ve just installed this WordPress blog and documented the process down to a very detailed level.

I’m organizing the pictures and content so that it is readable and will post it soon, hopefully tomorrow.  The goal is that anyone with basic computer skills can create their own WordPress blog on their website.

FYI – As Promised, I posted instructions on setting up your own Blog, and I posted my ACTUAL Ad Revenue results in another post.

Update: March 17, 2010: I started using Ad-Words, this is where you actually advertise with Google to drive traffic to your new Blog.  I’m learning all the ins-and-outs and will be posting a blog about this next!! Bookmark or Follow, things are shaping up here.

So, until then- take care.

The DisplacedGuy (a.k.a Rich)

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