A Great Opportunity to get two latest versions of PowerBuilder for free.

By joining the International Sybase User Group (either as a Gold or Green member) you are eligible to

PowerBuilder 12, PowerBuilder 12.NET

PowerBuilder 12, PowerBuilder 12.NET

receive PB 11.5 for free, it is under a special license for developers only and you can’t deploy any production applications with it.

You may also get PowerBuilder 12.Net for free under a similar license, it’s a bit more strict as you have to fill out a form and there is a couple day delay in getting approved. You can use it all you want as long as you don’t deploy anything.

Did I say PowerBuilder 11.5 and PowerBuilder 12.Net for Free?

Well yes, they are free however you must join the Sybase International User Group.  The cost is dependent on your area but it seems to range between $89 and $99 dollars.  This is the deal of a lifetime and I really can’t afford the $89 but I joined just so I had PB12.Net to write some reviews on and compare it to some of the more mainstream web development tools.

Here is the URL


No, I am not affiliated, nor am I receiving any compensation for sharing this information.  I felt it was an outstanding value and wanted to share it with my loyal readers.  There are lots more benefits but the two I was most excited about were the two versions of PB.

Quoted Directly from the ISUG site:

ISUG Membership Benefits  “Green” Package

This list of benefits can change at any time during the year. New benefits will be made available to our membership base as soon as they become available to us.

The Green Package consists of all the benefits in the other packages, plus a package of free Sybase Software valued at over $6000. This package is available for an incredibly low annual membership fee of $99! (Actual cost may vary by user group.)

The package includes:

  • ISUG Technical Journal
    • A subscription to the monthly online edition of the ISUG Technical Journal, delivered by environmentally friendly PDF.
    • Vote for the Winners of the ISUG Journal Award
  • Software:
    • New Version! Free NFR Developer Edition of Appeon for PowerBuilder 6.2
    • New Version! Free NFR copy of Sybase PocketBuilder 2.5 (e-shop)
    • New Version! Free NFR copy of WorkSpace Studio 2.5 (e-shop)
    • New Version! Free NFR copy of Sybase DataWindow.NET 2.5 (e-shop)
    • New Version! Free NFR copy of Sybase PowerBuilder Enterprise 11.5 (e-shop)
    • New Version! EAServer 6.2 Developers Edition (e-shop)
    • Free Copy of SQL Anywhere Studio for Windows or Linux/UNIX (e-shop)
    • 25% Discount on Power Designer Developers Edition (e-shop)
  • Documentation:
    • SyBooks PowerBuilder Enterprise Technical Library Documentation
  • Discounts:
    • Get a 3 month free trial subscription to the digital edition of the PowerBuilder Developers Journal (PBDJ), and at the end of the trial period you can save 40% on a one-year or two-year subscription!
    • 20% off QweryBuilder from WerySoft.
    • 35% off O’Reilly books.
    • Save 10% off list price on all individual registrations for Sybase Learning Center and SyberLearning LIVE classes.
    • Save 20% on CSP Certification Exams (DBA & IFD) at Prometric.
    • Save 20% on CBTs from Branick Consulting
  • And from the Basic Package:
  • Full access to the ISUG members-only website (with a handful of exceptions).
  • Ability to vote in the ISUG enhancement process, and influence Sybase product direction.
  • Access to the on-line ISUG membership directory, renewal, events/news, and technical links
  • Access to on-line ISUG Enhancement Request process
  • Participation in online Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and access to on-demand replays.
  • Special discounting from VendorRate. VendorRate helps reduce your risk when purchasing technology products and services by viewing vendor customer satisfaction scores as provided by IT professionals.
    • Vendor summary scores will always be viewed free of charge to ISUG members.
    • Vendor detailed scoring information, including comments, vendor comparison reporting tools, vendor tracking and notification, and vendor trends are available on an annual subscription cost of $149 per user.
    • ISUG members receive all detailed scoring information FREE until 12/1/2008. Thereafter, ISUG members receive a $20 discount on the annual subscription price.
    • VendorRate also releases Quarterly Reports and Trade Show reports that list vendors with top customer satisfaction scores by industry and sector. Trade show reports are priced at $99 each, and quarterly reports are $249 each These reports are provided free to ISUG members as long as they rate a vendor each quarter. Access to these reports are free to each ISUG member who rates during a calendar quarter. ISUG members who do not contribute a rating in a quarter receive a $10 discount when purchasing individual trade show reports, and $20 on each quarterly report.

(ISUG Members with the Green package of benefits can find information on how to order their software benefits here.)

* This represents the value of the fully licensed versions if purchased from Sybase at list price. Some of the titles are NFR copies that, while fully functional from a technical perspective, have license restrictions preventing their use in commercial development. For more information, see the NFR License page.

I joined the Orlando area user group, so if anyone else joins that one let me know, I’d like to see if you plan to attend any meetings.

So Is PowerBuilder Dead?

The jury is still out but I noticed some non-scientific evidence that it might actually gaining some interest.  I was willing to wager $89 that it would be worth my while to own PB11.5 and PB12.


DisplacedGuy (aka Rich)

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