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  1. Hi, Rich

    What is “Avoid Anti-2nd Amendment States & Anti-Constitution States” and it is deserved to charge higher rate ?

    • Hi Roland,

      I can’t believe that I posted that, am really sorry but I must have been really angry about politics which happens a lot lately. I am sorry if it offended and it really isn’t related other than I have a personal vendetta against those states. You weren’t the only one to ask this questions, and my reply is the same- a long one and an apology too. 🙂

      It has nothing to do with it; and was a somewhat rude and inappropriate political statement merged into a technical document. I apologize if I offended anyone but was feeling very angry about politics and the rapid loss of constitutional rights in the United States over the last 50 years. This has nothing to do with Obama, it just so happens that Obama was the puppet chosen to finish the job.

      I don’t want to get off topic too much but if anyone reads the actual “bills” that come out of DC they will see that this is no longer a representative or “republic” government by the people but rather a government paid for by corporate america, or possibly worse.

      The Republicans are just about as evil/crooked at the Democrats and my using the word “libtard” was unacceptable in fact I don’t even remember using it so I must have been pretty angry. I apologize sincerely for that. I WISH that we all (Americans) no matter where we came from, what we look like, could realize that the enemy is not each other but rather the two political parties that play “good” and “evil” and then switch every few years. Our government has been sold out for years.

      Obama has committed impeachable offenses but nobody in congress will even attempt it because the liberal media will play it off as prejudice, the whites against the blacks, Jews against the Christians, Republicans against the Democrats, the old against the young, the police against the citizens, the citizens against the illegal aliens, the people working against the people not working, the gun enthusiasts against the gun grabbers, well I hope you get the idea. When media is constantly telling us how we are against each other they are doing exactly what the powers that be want to see, they want to see us fighting against each other instead of uniting and agreeing on one thing, that government does not represent us anymore.

      I was never a fan of Obama, call it prejudice but I do not believe that is a factor. I have been giving the President the benefit of the doubt for many years and I STILL to this day think that he might actually be for the American people but that he might not be able to do anything about it.

      Do you know what the NSA is doing in America, Europe, Australia, well pretty much everywhere? They have taken away our right to privacy even in our own home in the privacy of our bedroom. They have made it illegal to “root” phones because they wouldn’t be able to “control” them like they can now. They have started making the batteries “not-replaceable” (or at least easily) so that we cannot remove the battery and do you know what that means folks? It means that just because you pressed the power button and your screen went blank it does NOT mean your phone is entirely “off”.

      Call me paranoid, but I am not ashamed to say that I see some bad writing on the wall. It is very possible President Obama is for the people (but his record pretty much blows this theory out of the water) but he is being blackmailed by the massive spying machine run by the NSA, Britains’ version of the NSA, Israel, Australia, Canada, etc. Why is this spying SO bad?

      I can give at least three reasons why the spying is a death sentence to our constitution and welcome constructive feedback.

      1. The spying provides government with so much blackmail material that anyone who has not made perfect decisions for the last 15 years probably has some skeleton in the closet that could be used to manipulate them. Many of our elected officials, of whom we (Americans) view less favorably than cockroaches probably have so many skeletons in the closet that their future is no longer their own, they are in a type of prison in which there is no escape and where the consequence is likely death of themselves and possible other family members. At a minimum they are at risk of being humiliated because of that affair they had ten years ago, or the phone sex they had with their loved one, just imagine how easily the NSA could paint any one of us to look a certain way (unless we are a saint) taking everything we have EVER said for ten plus years especially if taken out of context. This massive spying operations gives government (and those running our government) unprecedented power and makes opposing them virtually impossible.

      2. Our conversations, and those of corporations around the world are being shared with “allies” such as Israel, Britain, etc. and there is little doubt in my mind that they are being used to steal trade secrets from hard working companies so that they can go to market with similar products faster than any of the competition because they have access to ALL of the research and development and ideas from ALL companies around the world, it puts them into an extremely unfair competitive advantage and likely the reason why companies like Google, Microsoft are so massive and able to continue business even when it has been proven they are complicit in crimes against humanity. So the powers that be can collect all of the best information on any new and emerging technology and mysteriously beat the deserving company to market. At the same time they have access to ANY inside information, such as confidential data about future earnings reports before they are made public, they have access to information about pending litigation or federal legislation that might severely and adversely affect a company putting them in a position where they can make MASSIVE amounts of money illegally trading stocks, and highly leveraged options on illegal inside information. How can the honest businesses and regular people compete? This is worse than any anti-trust worries or monopoly worries that the public knows about..

      I’m going to stop at this but if this isn’t enough to make you really angry then we have to agree to disagree and I don’t have a clue how you could discount these tyrannical, unfair, unconstitutional and dangerous activities but I do admit it is hard to accept that your government doesn’t have the same “pride in America” that you do so they say love is blind, I think that this is a real difficult thing for people to overcome… me included.

      Try to think objectively. WHY would the government make not one, not two but MANY attempts at controlling the one and ONLY thing you have remaining that presents a threat to them, your guns? Do you REALLY thing it has to do with shootings? Do you know that on a given weekend in Chicago there are often as many people shot as there were in the Navy Yard Shooting? Did you know that the number of persons living in severe poverty has increased exponentially over the last decade? Did you know there is a sinkhole in Louisiana that has been growing in size and depth for over a year and our media doesn’t talk about it, you have to find it on alternative media or youtube, but the government has the internet in its’ cross-hairs as well because it is the ONLY source of decent real-time information we have. Now considering all these things, and we didn’t even TOUCH the issue of our massive debt which has skyrocketed by more than 7 trillion under Obama and is accelerating, and will accelerate exponentially with Obamacare which the country cannot afford unless they give up some other things. I would love to give up the TSA, Homeland Security, NSA, Federal Reserve, IRS (get a flat tax), and stop trying to start new wars.

      With all this said, WHY do you think Obama has prioritized gun control above poverty, above 3rd world level violence in cities that already have draconian gun laws like Illinois (Chicago). Illinois, New York, and California are some of the most anti-gun states in the nation yet they have the worst crime rates and have increasing crime rates while Florida, Texas, and other pro-gun states have seen violent crime reductions (significant) non-stop for at least ten years. Florida has violent crime rates that are a fraction of what they used to be and Florida is a state that has more concealed permit holders per capita than most states in the country. Illinois didn’t even allow it until the NRA sued them, and there are still many cities that do not allow the honest responsible citizens to own a firearm. I’d like to see some nut-job try a shooting in Florida, he would be dropped in his tracks before the second shell casing hit the floor, still a tragedy but I hope you get the point. The politicians are lying through their teeth, think about WHY they are so afraid of the guns. The framers of the constitution put in the 2nd amendment to allow states to form a well armed militia in case they needed to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. The 2nd amendment was NEVER about hunting, it was about hunting a tyrannical government I suggest you read an OFFICIAL copy of it because most of the versions being taught in our schools have been “modified” and oh-boy the 2nd amendment being taught to our children doesn’t even look close to what it originally was.

      So I apologize about the rude statement I made. I do ask that you do one thing, any time the media starts playing us against each other, in any way, question WHY they might be doing that. Have you ever played the game Risk? Did you notice that the people who are fighting against each other all the time always lose while the other countries sit around and accumulate wealth and weapons. Who is one of THE richest countries on the earth, hint think “oil”, how often do you see them “fighting” yet they can afford to fight at a level that would make our military look like a childs’ toy. I don’t know if they are the ones pulling strings in America but looking at what happened on 9/11 and history I’d put them on the short list. Britain may be pulling the strings, as it looks like they are as deeply into the NSA spying as we are maybe more, so even though history says we defeated Britain, current history seems to indicate that the royal family was playing the long game.

      Anyway this was a huge ramble, it is very personal for me, and I hope that I motivated someone else, and hope you motivate someone else. We have the sheer numbers (and we still have our weapons thank goodness), America has something like 3.6 guns per man, woman and child and there is NO country that can walk in and take America like a Red Dawn scenario, and there is no tyrannical government that can stop 10 million red-necks and their guns marching on the capital. Now that is NOT advocating violence but it IS stating that we HAVE the power… unless you let the media convince you that you don’t need the power. If you didn’t read the last gun-control bill that failed, read it NOW, it was NOT what the Americans agreed to. We all feel that background checks are necessary and should be law but the stuff in that bill made me sick to my stomach– I challenge you to find that bill and read it top to bottom and tell me if that was what you thought the gun control bill was about. Also we cannot mix mental health in the picture, it would give the government a free pass to disarm the very Americans they are MOST afraid of the well trained soldiers who are the only ones capable of training the rest of us to defend ourselves properly. Virtually every soldier deals with some PTS issues and it would be a free ticket to disarm them, it is happening already. ON top of that Prozac is prescribed like vitamins, how many people do you know that took prozac or something like it for a short time in their life? You can trust they would be disarmed immediately if you listen to this treasonous media who are praying for socialism where the government controls everything.

      Please reply back I would love to hear how others are feeling even though it is off topic. Again sorry for the rude comment.

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