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Release Details

Release Date:                   Aug 1, 2013

Release Description:      PowerBuilder 12.5 SP02 PL02 (build 5583)

Release Version:             12.5.2


EBF Files


  1. EBF21586_README.html
  2. EBF21586_Buglist.txt
  3. EBF21586_Filelist.txt
  4.   (~296 Meg)

Installation Instructions:

  1. Create temp folder and extract contents of the zip file into folder.
  2. Backup existing installation folders \Sybase\*
  3. Shutdown applications that might conflict with install.
  4. Run Setup.exe in the temp directory created in first step.
  5. After install, delete the temp installation folder.
  6. Reboot
  7. Perform Full Rebuild of any projects to ensure fixes are incorporated.

EBF Fixes

   List of Fixes for EBF 21586

   Following is a list of fixes which are cumulative to this release.  Each
   fix is listed along with the EBF in which it was first released and the
   description of the problem. The list is sorted by the EBFID column.

   EBFID   BugID          Description
   -----   ------------   ---------------------------------------------
   21586   742557         OS: Windows 2003 SP2 Versions and Build #s
                          Tested: PB 12.5.1_4953 Database/Driver
                          File/Version: ORA (using Oracle client and
                          Server 11g)  Comments: When using
                          properties in ORA DB Profile connection, PB is
                          unable to find datawindow table and select
                          primary key at Rows... > Update Properties.

   21586   742546         Customer has a report in PB 10 and has
                          migrated it to PB 12.5.2.  A column with
                          autosize height on when viewed in Print
                          Preview mode cuts off the bottom of letters
                          such as 'y' and 'g'.   As this worked in
                          previous versions this should work in PB
                          12.5.2.    Tested the customer's datawindow
                          and the change occurs in PB 11.5.1, previous
                          versions of PB 10, 10.5.x and 11.x do not cut
                          off the bottom of the letters.

   21586   742536         PB to ASE Stored procedure with output
                          parameter is too slow. Witout it takes a few
                          MS, with > 300 MS. No matter if ASE or SYC
                          interface being used and DisableBind shows no

   21586   742518         PB classic via RDP/Citrix look and feel gives
                          raster scrambled menus Old problem that
                          according to Microsoft is a known Problem but
                          therefore customers are asking to re-design
                          the menu implementation of classic PB IDE. In
                          the PB. NET IDE this is working fine since we
                          use underlying MS IDE.

   21586   742359         Using role base security and in the database
                          painter, tables are not listed.   this issue
                          has been reported in other cases.  Cr347511
                          had been created and  the solution was to run
                          the pbsyc.sql but not seeing the expected

   21586   742277         In a webservice call an array of inherited
                          objects contains another array of inherited
                          objects. This array gets passed as nill when
                          passed as argument in a webservice call.

   21586   741705         The IsNumber function is returning true on a
                          number a value that uses a comma "," as the
                          decimal when the regional settings have the
                          value for decimal separator as a period. It
                          should be return false.

   21586   741616         Running the following embedded SQL in
                          PowerBuilder will report Failed: SQLSTATE =
                          22001 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server
                          Driver]String data, right truncation   select
                          t1.c1, t2.c1 into :ls_1, :ls_2 from t1 left
                          outer join t2 on t1.t1id = t2.t1id and t2.n1 =
                          :ll_2 where t1.t1id = :ll_ID;

   21586   741247         OS: Windows 2003 SP2 Versions and Build #s
                          Tested: PB 12.5.1_4953 Database/Driver
                          File/Version: ORA (using Oracle client and
                          Server 11g)  Comments: When using
                          properties in ORA DB Profile connection,
                          customer is always unable to select source
                          table on Pipeline for Append - Insert Rows.
                          Sometimes if executing the pipeline anyway, a
                          "Table not found" message occurs.

   21586   741222         OS: Windows 2003 SP2 Versions and Build #s
                          Tested: PB 12.5.1_4953 Database/Driver
                          File/Version: ORA (using Oracle client and
                          Server 11g)  Comments: When using
                          properties in ORA DB Profile connection, the
                          newly created Primary Keys are no longer
                          available after disconnecting and connecting
                          again into same ORA DB Profile.

   21586   741208         Image transparency not set when Tabpage is

   21586   741167         OS: Windows 7 x64 (also reproduced with
                          Windows 2003 SP2) Versions and Build #s
                          Tested: PB 12.5.2_5550  Database/Driver
                          File/Version: N/A  Comments: When deploying a
                          webservice project from a .pbw located in a
                          mapped network drive (e.g. Z:) you will get
                          the following crashes on pbwsemit.exe during
                          deployment. If deploying from a local drive
                          C:, deploy works fine.  - Error reported on
                          Windows Event Viewer  Faulting application
                          name: pbwsemit.exe, version:, time
                          stamp: 0x518b0560 Faulting module name:
                          KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7601.17965, time
                          stamp: 0x506dbe50 Exception code: 0xe0434352
                          Fault offset: 0x0000c41f Faulting process id:
                          0x2384 Faulting application start time:
                          0x01ce62eb304fdc97 Faulting application path:
                          C:\Program Files (x86)\Sybase\PowerBuilder
                          12.5\DotNET\bin\pbwsemit.exe Faulting module
                          path: C:\WINDOWS\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll
                          Report Id: 6ed884e9-cede-11e2-a596-
                          7ce9d3ecd39b   Application: pbwsemit.exe
                          Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The
                          process was terminated due to an unhandled
                          exception. Exception Info:
                          System.IO.FileLoadException Stack: at
                          m.Reflection.AssemblyName, System.String,
                          System.Threading.StackCrawlMark ByRef,
                          Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) at
                          .Reflection.AssemblyName, System.String,
                          System.Threading.StackCrawlMark ByRef,
                          Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) at
                          System.Threading.StackCrawlMark ByRef,
                          Boolean, Boolean) at
                          System.Security.Policy.Evidence, Byte[],
                          gorithm, Boolean, Boolean,
                          System.Threading.StackCrawlMark ByRef) at
                          ing) at
                          stem.String[], System.String) at
                          stem.String[]) at

   21586   740875         DataWindow numeric editmask enters numbers in
                          the wrong direction when mirrored with
                          SetLayout changed to RTL using Windows RTL API
                          GETDC() and Setlayout()

   21586   739567         When customer makes code changes in his
                          application, does a full build and runs the
                          application, the menu disappears.

   21586   739265         Using third party wpf controls from SyncFusion
                          and PopMenu results in an unhandled exception
                          being thrown.  im_dw.m_maint.PopMenu(x,y)  An
                          exception of type
                          'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in
                          Presentation.Core.dll but was not handled in
                          user code.  Additional Information: The Visual
                          is not connected to a PresentationSource.

   21586   738973         This is a follow on to CR 714553. Fields in
                          the footer not being displayed properly when
                          setredraw is used.  That issue was fixed and
                          the customer was running in build 4015 with no
                          problems.  Then he upgraded to the latest EBF
                          4953, and started seeing issues again. The
                          original testcase seems to work, so a new
                          testcase ( is submitted. The
                          2 computed fields in the footer will show the
                          problem  The green calc is the ‘For Page()’
                          and the yellow is the ‘For All()’ - they
                          should be the same. Also the “SYS – Indicates
                          a system generated entry” is not displayed
                          when setredraw is checked but does display
                          when it is not.

   21586   738765         The position of the DataWindow control changes
                          when resizing the control after SetLayout is
                          changed to RightToLeft.

   21586   738759         DataWindow RitchText Edit Style for a column
                          not accessible when SetLayout is changed to

   21586   738757         Contemporary Menu Style displayed wrongly when
                          SetLayout is changed to RightToLeft

   21586   738361         When using Windows APIs
                          (SetProcessDefaultLayout , SetLayout) to
                          change the layout of an application from
                          LeftToRight to RightToLeft, background
                          position for a GroupBox inside a DataWindow
                          does not change and remains in its original

   21586   738358         The issue is an extension of CR 726695 on
                          useDefaultKeyboardLayout=yes and inconsistent
                          behavior.  For a certain datawindow after
                          clicking on a first column and switching to
                          Russian and entering some characters then
                          clicking on a second column; the keyboard
                          stayed in Russian instead of switching to the
                          default US input.  But on the same datawindow
                          the same test without clicking on the second
                          column but clicking on the fourth column the
                          keyboard switched to default as expected.

   21586   737888         When customer was installing Infomaker 11.5
                          they were given a new installer to allow them
                          to give the person installing the option to
                          included an imr parameter option for setup.exe
                          to include a record file such as
                          "imsetup.iss". Customer used this to give the
                          option to install the Database Write option or
                          not in a silent install.   Although they were
                          given a special installer, they had been told
                          that this would be implemented in future
                          versions of IM.  From the old case notes, this
                          appears to have been implemented by a PB_SWAT
                          team email exchange and it doesn't appear as
                          though a CR was opened.   Customer would like
                          to use this option when installing IM 12.5.2.

   21586   737710         GetFullState on a datastore with a crosstab
                          datawindow object returns a -1 in PB 12.1 but
                          does not in PB 12.5.  Works with other
                          datawindow presentation styles such as

   21586   737500          Unknown error when doing a full build on
                          classes that implement interfaces.  Repro'd
                          with  Extensibility.IDTExtensibility2

   21586   736934         Commit command returns 0 and looks like it
                          works successfully. However, when I check the
                          database using SQL Plus or SQL Developer, the
                          new record is not there. If you wait a few
                          minutes the record will appear.  Customer
                          thinks the autocommit of the data source
                          eventually kicks in.


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