Where Is PowerBuilder 15 ?

This may be old news but I just stumbled upon it…

No, not PB15, but I found it LOOKING for hints of PB15.   I found a pretty nicely done marketing website for PowerBuilder by SAP.  The level of quality and information on the site is very nice.  I had gotten used to the “strange” for lack of better word look and feel of the Sybase websites so this one blows me away.  I shouldn’t speak too loud as my websites are nothing to brag about but this is my part-time, part-time job (I meant to say that twice).   Who knows maybe SAP has an ace up their sleeve!?   IF PowerBuilder 15 has an amazing X-Factor or they come out of the gate strong with SAP integration things could change in a hurry.  Might want to dust off the ABAP books just in case.

Are you listening SAP?   Get something very flashy into PB15, hit the phones,  kick the bloggers, and make history!

SAP’s PowerBuilder “Micro-Site” for PowerBuilder 12.5


So if you haven’t seen the new PowerBuilder marketing site, enjoy.  The reason I found it was that I was trying to find “hints” of what is going on with PowerBuilder 15.  I figured that I might catch some leaked text, articles, questions or something related to what is going on with PowerBuilder 15.  Sometimes you might get lucky if you get creative with Google, and find things that weren’t ready for public consumption.

If we had Marketing stuff of this type quality before the P.B. Titanic Sybase was going down who knows what would have happened.  If anyone else has the down-low on PB15 or anything else please leave a comment or send a note!

PowerBuilder – Number 8 in 10 Tech Skills That Will Net You $100,000 Salary

I’m behind the ball on this article too, which was August, 2012.  This reads like a marketing article, I suspect it was a paid article even though it was written to look like a “news” type piece.  Seeing this kind of stuff is somewhat promising.  I forget what they call these articles, I think they are advertorials, yep my spell checker even knows what it is!

PowerBuilder – Ten Skills That Will Net You 100K Salary




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