Happy New Year PowerBuilder!

Who would have guessed that we’d be celebrating news of PowerBuilder 15 Beta Program in 2014? That is a rhetorical question for sure as I don’t think there were many of us that expected it to happen.

I personally thought that PowerBuilder 15 was going to be canned, and that the next SAP official news would be the silver stake in PowerBuilders’ heart. I was dead wrong, and I’d like to think that the petition started by Bruce Armstrong (the PowerBuilder evangelist hero and savior) influenced management at SAP.

If you visit the petition, you’ll see:

VICTORY – SAP scheduled announcement about PowerBuilder 15

There were 2,154 signatures as of the time of this writing. The goal was initially set much lower and was increased at least three times due to higher than expected turnout.

The official announcement for the PowerBuilder 15 beta program came at a press release at the SAP Tech Ed in Bangalore 2013.

Bruce appears to have started a different PowerBuilder 15 petition on change.org which also garnered several hundred signatures.

SAP made an official announcement, that PowerBuilder 15 will be released and that a closed beta program has been started. SAP also committed to supporting the PB 15 release for 8 years which is standard for SAP official software (yes PowerBuilder is SAP standard software).

The PowerBuilder FaceBook page is still having PowerBuilder 12.5 as the profile picture hopefully we’ll see the new one soon.



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