SAP Announces PowerBuilder 15 Beta 

Michael REH – SAP Executive Vice President and Head of SAP/BIT, the division in charge of PowerBuilder within SAP – announced the availability of PB 15 Beta!

Official press release can be found here.  SAP made an additional statement implying that they are looking to engage with developers better in the future (thank goodness).


 “We are very excited getting these very important announcements out to the developer community to underline SAP’s commitment to expand our developer engagement and outreach across our technology platforms”.

A new closed beta version of PowerBuilder 15 has been released by SAP. You can sign up for the beta program for PowerBuilder 15 here. The only negative of the beta is that is is a closed meaning only customers of SAP having an “S”-ID can use the beta program. SAP is working on a solution to get us long-time PB developers into the system so that we can be part of the program without needing to buy SAP support.

PowerBuilder 15 is now Official SAP Tool – Support Until 2022

SAP had made PowerBuilder 15 an official SAP product and it is listed in the SAP product catalog. This commitment means that we can count on SAP quality, security and a minimum of 8 years support for each product starting with PowerBuilder 15 in 2014.

Is it possible that the petition started by Bruce Armstrong influenced SAP? I’d like to believe that it did make a difference I am encouraged by what I’ve heard come from SAP and I take back anything negative I said while impatiently waiting for PB15.

Highlights of SAP PowerBuilder 15 Beta

The biggest change coming with PB 15 is moving from .NET 4.0 to .NET 4.5, and support for Windows 8. There will be new databases and possibly OS’s supported. This info was taken mostly from Bruce Armstrongs’ blogs.

  • Windows 8
  • 32 and 64 bit support
  • OData, SQL Server 2012, Oracle 12
  • .Net 4.5
  • Dockable Windows
In the future SAP is looking at Hana XSE support for PowerScript, and better integration between PB and SAP Hana.

Notable About PowerBuilder 15 & Beyond

  • SAP may be looking at going with one IDE (the classic) which makes sense to me, supporting two IDE’s seems like overkill, why change something that works, a nice clean-up is in order but the classic IDE works.
  • SAP is looking to support JavaScript in IDE
  • Support Contracts & Closed Beta – SAP is working to get people S-user accounts so they can access the beta without going through the S-user creation process.
Stay tuned for more info…


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