WaveMaker For PowerBuilder Developers Part 2 (Installing Tools)



We’ll be installing the tools that will be used in building a new WaveMaker and MySQL web application. The application will be used as a very simple content management slash note taking type application for storing code snippets, article parts, articles, account information, documentation, links, or anything else that you think you might need to use again to maximize the DRY principle. The application is being built by me, a PowerBuilder & .NET developer for the purposes of giving WaveMaker a test-drive and to see how much effort is involved in making the switch to the Java based WaveMaker tool. When completed you’ll have all the tools you need to begin with development, and database creation. If you missed the WaveMaker part one then go back here.

If you’d like to check out another application, a Drug Half-Life Elimination Taper Planning Tool that I just completed using WaveMaker you can check out this WaveMaker article.

Installing WaveMaker Studio

We’ll be using WaveMaker Studio 6.7 to build the developer registry web application, so if you are following along you’ll want to install it now. The community edition is completely free. WaveMaker supports Windows, Linux & Mac (intel), so choose the proper installation for your favorite development operating system. I’ll be using WaveMaker Windows version 6.7.0. WaveMaker Downloads Page

WaveMaker Pre-requisites

The WaveMaker installation program will assist you in installing any missing components. The first time you run WaveMaker, you might be prompted for the location of the JDK. You’ll also be prompted for a program folder for your projects.

Installing the Database (MySQL)

WaveMaker comes with a built in HSQL database but we’ll be using MySQL for the project. Specifically I’m using the MySQL Community Edition for Windows, but you may install which-ever flavor (Linux, Mac) you like. The software is free for personal or instructional use. MySQL provides an all-inclusive installation for all products, you can choose the database server and workbench during the installation. Otherwise download and install them separately, the Workbench isn’t required but it will make following along and running the included DDL more difficult. MySQL Community All Inclusive Installation Page


You should now have a working database, a database development workbench and the WaveMaker Studio tool installed on your computer. Next we’ll work on creation of the MySQL database, the DDL will be made available for simplicity. Start creating your database here.

In the next step, we’ll get started with database and application creation, move to WaveMaker for PB Developers Part 3 next.


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