WaveMaker for PowerBuilder Developers Part 3 (Create Project)


We will be taking the first steps in creating a working WaveMaker application in this step. This includes creating a MySQL database, and creating a new project in WaveMaker. You’ll also learn how to use the Import & Export function so that you can import the completed project and export your own projects. This is the third part in a series, if you missed the first two parts you can jump to the beginning here.

XREF Components

Project Components Window – This is the primary info the application stores

The project we’ll be creating is a simple code management type system for saving snippets of code, article parts, script, account information, or anything that you might want to re-use. The idea is to not have to re-invent the wheel and search for information again, the hard way.

Note: This project was created as a sample for WaveMaker and is not coded using generally acceptable coding practices, for example the database design is not complete and/or de-normalized. There are some missing look-up tables for status codes, etc.. The object names inside of the WaveMaker tool are not consistent and they don’t follow a good naming convention.


MySQL DDL File: XREF_DG_DB20140616.SQL

WaveMaker Code: XREF_DG_20140616.ZIP


Creating the MySQL Database

You should have MySQL installed along with the MySQL Workbench, if not please refer back to part two of this series.

  • Open the MySQL Workbench
  • Open the downloaded MySQL script
  • Run the script, rerun if needed
  • Create a new database user ‘xref_user’ with password of ‘password’
  • Give the new user permissions to the new dg_db schema
  • Give update rights to the new user for the dg_db schema


Importing the Project Into WaveMaker

If you’ve installed WaveMaker, you can import the ZIP file now. If you haven’t created the user in the database then you’ll need to go into the Services tab in WaveMaker, then select the database and click the icon that looks like a wrench to open the connection information, then update the user and password as needed

  • Launch WaveMaker
  • Use menu item File –> Import…
  • Click the import zip-file button
  • Select the downloaded zip file

Running the Project in WaveMaker

XREF Front PageIf the project has imported successfully, you can run it by clicking the “Run” button at the top of the WaveMaker window.


You should now have a working WaveMaker project. In the next article we’ll step back and go through the steps that were taken to get to this point. I have spent about a half-day getting to this point (4 hours) and I’m pretty green at WaveMaker. Feel free to look around at the code and experiment, we can re-import the zip-file if anything breaks.

If you notice any problems with either of the download files please leave a comment below and I’ll get it corrected as soon as possible.

PS – New Drug Half-Life Elimination Taper Planning Tool Application

I just rewrote my old Drug Half Life Elimination Taper Charting Tool, it is written in Silverlight and the new one is written entirely in WaveMaker (Java). You can check it out by going to: http://www.warm-turkey.com , it is in testing phase now so if you find bugs please let me know in the comments. The program uses WaveMaker security and has an administrative login for editing users, drugs, and other lookup tables.

The new tool…

Drug Half Life Elimination TaperTool

Drug Half Life Elimination TaperTool

This will eventually replace the Silverlight version of the tool on Subotex.com. This one will live on http://www.warm-turkey.com (not cold-turkey… ) and will help people taper off addictive drugs, alcohol, or any addictive substance that is measurable, and has a half-life.

So it could be used for alcohol, calories, hours on the internet or whatever you are addicted to.



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  1. Wanted to say thank you much for the great tutorial, and to inform that the code worked but I had to move the creation of the project component table to be last in your ddl because it requires other tables exist for the foreign keys.

    I was blown away by the ease of using WaveMaker. Considering its free it might capture some market share. i look forward to seeing how you created the application. You are the guy!

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