Finished WaveMaker Application – Ready For System Testing

The program is a drug-half life elimination charting tool. It plots the drug plasma levels of various drugs as they are eliminated based on half life hours.

Drug Half Life Elimination TaperTool

Drug Half Life Elimination TaperTool

I have the program running on my basic linux server, and for now it is running on port 8080, I need to learn how to make it run on port 80, but along with all my other websites that are being served from Apache on the same port. So now if you go to for the Drug Half-Life Elimination Tool you will be forwarded to the temporary location using port 8080.

If anyone knows how I can set this up please leave a comment!  <– TRY IT OUT HERE

[important]Note: I had to configure port 8080 to map to port 80 incoming using the httpd.conf file. So incoming requests on port 80 are handled by Apache, and if they are a request for a Java application, then Apache automatically forwards the request to Tomcat 8 using port 8080, and when Tomcat 8 passes info back to Apache it uses port 80 so that you don’t need to see an ugly url like[/important]


A while back I promised to complete one of my small applications I was working on using WaveMaker. I finally got the job finished. The app uses a database for the drug list, half life hours, and there are other tables for storing reports that were run, and some advanced features.

The administration login allows for changing users, drugs, and other lookup data for the application. There is an administrator and basic user logon role right now. This is my second completed WaveMaker application. I plan to refine this one over the next few weeks, I may write an article about the other WaveMaker application soon, but I have learned that WaveMaker is faster than PowerBuilder when it comes to building *web* applications. This statement assumes you are using PowerBuilder alone and not Appeon or another third party add-on to PowerBuilder.

This will replace a similar program that I wrote using Silverlight, this will run on any machine unlike the Silverlight tool.

The program also uses the built in wavemaker security, and the page is monetized using Google Adsense.


Silverlight Drug Half-Life Taper Charting Tool vs WaveMaker Drug Half-Life Taper Charting Tool

The Silverlight tool required that Silverlight be on the client computer. It also does not use a database. The NEW WaveMaker (Java) Half-Life Taper Charting Tool will run on any computer that runs Java, and will work for any drug, or addictive substance that can be measured, and has a half-life.

Suboxone taper charting toolThe OLDSilverlight version of the tool on



Drug Half Life Elimination TaperTool

Drug Half Life Elimination TaperTool

The NEW: WaveMaker (Java) version of the tool on (not cold-turkey… )

The purpose of both is to help people taper off addictive drugs, alcohol, or anything measurable and having a half-life hours. If you get a chance check them out and let me know if you have suggestions or feedback. The new WaveMaker version is database driven (MySQL) so the drug info and other lookup data is available. Also I’ll be adding features to allow saving your own personal taper plans under your logon id for later use. There will be advanced features that let you plan the best taper with the amount of remaining drug you have. So if the drug were unavailable due to major hurricane and you had 150 mg, the tool would help you plan the easiest taper using the 150mg that you have.

How I Published The WaveMaker Application

The application is running on my run-of-the-mill linux hosting provider.

  • I installed Tomcat 8 to go along with the Apache that was already installed.
  • I installed the Java Development Kit on the server
  • Upon completing the application in WaveMaker, I deployed it to a WAR file.
  • I ran the Tomcat manager program, and loaded the War file created by WaveMaker
  • I created the database (MySQL) to match what I was using locally, including the database user
  • Viola, everything worked like magic on the first try. I am really getting the hang of WaveMaker and enjoying it a lot. Look for more on WaveMaker in the coming weeks. I’ve got another completed application besides this one that I’ll be showing.

I have some recent articles on WaveMaker, basically getting started with it.


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