Google Analytics Actuals and Adsense Actuals on DisplacedGuy.Com for April-Aug 2011

Moderate Traffic Growth Early – Strong Growth Aug 2011

Web Traffic has grown moderately after a consolidation period of a few months.  My time to develop articles is much more limited so it is surprising to see the level of growth I’m seeing.

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Interesting Trends seen in Google Analytics for

  • PowerBuilder making a comeback
  • Java has reached an all time low with only 88% of visitors supporting Java

I’m seeing a marked increase in demand for PowerBuilder content in particular PowerBuilder 12.5.   This is pretty exciting for us PowerBuilder loyal developers, PB has a chance of making a comeback if the marketing department at SAP doesn’t screw things up half as bad as Sybase did.

Java supported browsers visiting are declining at an accelerated pace.  According to Google Analytics stats, it looks bad for Java.  With this being a technical site I’d expect the number of visitors having Java support to be very high however the number dropped from it’s peak of 92% when the site started in March of 2010 to only 88% of visitors visiting in August 2011.  PowerBuilder developers have taken it on the chin from Java developers for years about how superior their language is, well the writing is on the wall, and the number of web searches for “Java is dead” has surpassed the number of searches for “PB is dead”.

Google Analytics Actuals – NEW Master Index

It has been a year since we started posting actual Google Analytics and Adsense statistics for DisplacedGuy.Com.  They have become very popular but we’ve been told that it is hard to locate each of the reports especially for new readers who would like to view them from the beginning in order. If you are interested in Blogging for Cash then read up and learn.

Here is the Entire Collection of Google Analytics Actuals & Adsense Actuals for DisplacedGuy.Com


Money Earned through Adsense on DisplacedGuy.Com

March 2011 turned in around $9.11 in Adsense revenue and April-Aug 2011 was very low.  Putting Adsense on technical sites like this is almost not worth the effort.   All of my other adsense sites outperform this one.

Adsense DisplacedGuy

Adsense DisplacedGuy






Adsense DisplacedGuy











Google Analytics Actuals – Average Pageviews per Visitor for DisplacedGuy.Com


You can find prior reports of our actual Google Analytics on the site, for example last months’ Google Analytics for Feb 2011 specific to DisplacedGuy.Com Or you can go to back to Analytics data for Jan 2011 for DisplacedGuy.Com


Adsense DisplacedGuy












A very nice increase in return visitors was noted in the last few months

Adsense Stats








Diverse Visitors Adsense Stats

Diverse Visitors Adsense Stats

Bounce Rate in Google Analytics  has been steadily low around 15-20% so I left this graph off.  This means fewer visitors are leaving the site before reading an article.  Bounce Rate is a good measure of quality, the lower the better.


Summary, It has been enjoyable running the site. Thanks for all your kind words and tips.    I encourage anyone to contact me about guest blogging to help promote your website!  See this article for details about how to guest blog and steal your competitors readers.


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