Increase AdSense RPM & Double Your Income Every 6 Months   Yes, you really can double a blogs’ income in six to twelve months by improving three basic areas. I will cover each of the three areas in this article. I nearly doubled my blog income over the last six […]

Increase AdSense RPM & Rev Up Your Blog Income Today

Troubleshooting PowerBuilder Web Forms Applications   Do you remember the common GPF errors in PowerBuilder version 3, 4, 5 or 6? If so, get ready for round two with PowerBuilder web forms applications. PowerBuilder Web Forms Applications might test your patience with unpredictable challenges. I believe that the web forms […]

PowerBuilder Web Forms – Troubleshooting

PowerBuilder 15 a genuine SAP product until at least 2022   SAP is committed to releasing PowerBuilder 15 and has started an internal beta program and is moving PowerBuilder 12.5 and PowerBuilder 15 to the SAP downloads area. This information comes from PowerBuilder expert Bruce Armstrong via several blog posts on […]

PowerBuilder 15 – PowerBuilder User Conference 2014 in Charlotte NC

Happy New Year PowerBuilder! Who would have guessed that we’d be celebrating news of PowerBuilder 15 Beta Program in 2014? That is a rhetorical question for sure as I don’t think there were many of us that expected it to happen. I personally thought that PowerBuilder 15 was going to […]

SAP PowerBuilder 15 in 2014

SAP Announces PowerBuilder 15 Beta  Michael REH – SAP Executive Vice President and Head of SAP/BIT, the division in charge of PowerBuilder within SAP – announced the availability of PB 15 Beta! Official press release can be found here.  SAP made an additional statement implying that they are looking to […]

PowerBuilder 15 Beta – SAP Supported Until 2022

Converting from UTC to Local & Local to UTC using .NET Framework   Converting dates from or to UTC in the .NET Framework is pretty simple as the DateTime class has many built in features including many conversion related functions.   [notice] When you parse a string into a date you […]

Converting Date to and from UTC in PowerBuilder.NET & .NET ...

  How to allow multi-line in TextBox or TextBlock in Silverlight 5 I recently needed a multi-line TextBox box in a Silverlight 5 application. I looked at the RichTextEdit Control but it was too much for what I needed. It turns out that the TextBox control supports multi-line display and […]

How to wrap text in Silverlight TextBox Control

Firing code from events in code behind of .NET user control A PowerBuilder Developers’ perspective [important]If you are not a PowerBuilder developer you may choose to skip this paragraph. [/important] Something as simple as causing some code to be fired for an event in a .NET program is not entirely intuitive […]

How to fire button click event in .NET button user ...